The above photo was taken almost a week ago on Friday after the rain moved out.

Over the years of blog writing we’ve met some great people. First up was Ellie who tried to teach me all about blog writing in a very short time in Tucson, Arizona. Reading other blogs we feel we know these people and sometimes even call them our “friends” even though we’ve never met in person. And then there are the blog writers we’ve met in person.

Nina and Paul

While on the Oregon coast in August of 2013 we met Nina and Paul of Wheelinit fame. Nina writes the blog and takes the stunning photographs. We’ve met up with the two of them and various members of their family in Arizona also. Currently they are living in France with Nina’s father and traveling in their small European sized motorhome.

A 2013 Oregon coast view

Some of the friends we’ve met through blogging no longer blog–Ellie and Rollie come to mind. Some blogging friends are no longer with us–Mike, Rod, Judy. The RV blogging world is shrinking–so many of our friends have ceased to travel and have hung up their keys. Stay tuned for what brought on this attack of reminiscing!

In Arkansas, there appears to be lots of baby holding going on–my nephew Clayton and his wife Hannah welcomed a daughter, Magnolia, a week ago–

My brother Ross holding his first grandchild
Gina, Rollie, Zoey and Angel visiting us in Montana
Left to right–the Cowboy, Jim, Gina, Rollie and Ellie–hanging out in the Arizona desert
Al, Kelly and Pheebs–the Bayfield Bunch

Life is good, so very good!

28 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. Well, of course I now want to know what brought on this attack of reminiscing. That was the same year I met Nina Nd Paul on the Oregon coast, at Harris Beach.


  2. Our memories are precious and I wouldn’t trade a second of our times on the road! We have many lifetime friends from those days…including you and “The Cowboy” and your Schnauzers….


  3. The good ole days, includes friends and memories, that are out of our reach! Which seems to make the new ones more precious!


  4. Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
    Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine
    Quiet thoughts come floating down
    And settle softly to the ground


  5. Yes, I feel just as you do Janna when I think back over our RVing years and the people we have met and the friends we have made. There is a sadness to many of those great memories. It’s the same sadness I felt when I read you were giving up your blog. Some of our RVing friends are gone forever now and many others, although still out there, we’ll probably never see again. They are scattered far and wide. I remember with great fondness the two desert/mountain Jeep rides we did with you guys and two other couples. Like the song says, ‘Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end’.


    1. Yes, Al, I do feel sad too. And one of us–our leader/organizer of those jeep trips–is gone. When going back into the TinTeePee blog to find photos, I found comments left by Bev–she was one special woman!


  6. The friendships made on the road were one of the real surprises for me. I knew I’d love the adventure of traveling this country, but I never, ever knew I’d meet so many wonderful people in the process. People I now call good friends.


  7. I am one that has never met you in person but have truly enjoyed reading your blog through the years. You and Ellie are the reason my husband and I got our schnauzer. Thanks for sharing your camping and non-camping (quilting) life.


      1. He will be 13 in A few weeks. He is diabetic, blind (cataracts from diabetes) but we love him. They are the best dogs.


  8. I read some where that each of us has a time machine .It can take us to the past , that’s our memories . It can that us to the future , that is our dreams


  9. We often look back at our blog…what a wonderful adventure it was to travel around this beautiful country and the folks we met in person or thru blogging has just been the icing on the cake. I did have the first 4 years of “good-times-rollin” printed in book form (hard cover) and plan on having the last four years done as well. Gay

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    1. Our friends are the icing on the cake! I haven’t printed any of the current blog or the TinTeePeeLogCabin one but I do back up the current blog frequently to my lap top and my external hard drive.


  10. Hi Janna, My husband and daughter met you and Mike October 2018 in your beautiful Boulder Valley. I’ve followed your blog since summer 2018 and so enjoyed reading about your wonderful, hardworking lifestyle. You and Mike should wear superhero capes!
    Your lifestyle inspired our family to live in Montana someday. Raised a country girl, I found your blog a relatable wealth of knowledge and humor. Wishing you well as you head south this fall


  11. We feel the same way Sue mentioned in her comment. Our kids said we have more friends now then when we were working. Who knew we would meet so many wonderful people and many that have become very good friends. That’s been one of things I do miss as most of us our leaving the road.

    Magnolia is adorable. How sweet! Congratulations!


    1. As I said to Sue, “A friend of ours said you could move into a new neighborhood and never get to know any of your neighbors. Move into a RV park and you have instant friends–he is right!” It was hard for us to make friends in our current Arizona neighborhood unlike at North Ranch.


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