We Have Rain

What are those drops on the windshield and that is not smoke out in front of us, it’s clouds that brought us rain, glorious, welcome rain. The rain gauge has almost an inch showing, it’s muddy, muddy–and we don’t care! We picked a not so good day to have to make two trips to town. The mine near us maintains our county road applying multiple applications of magnesium chloride yearly. It makes for less dust but when it rains we have muck, mud, sticky mud. We are so thankful for the rain the muck didn’t even bother us today.

It was a chilly 48 degrees when we left for town on our first trip–and I had just painted my toenails so had to wear sandals to town! I told one lady who commented on the rain that I didn’t even care that my feet were wet and cold–I was just thankful for the rain–she agreed!

We met with our insurance agent, I went to the grocery store where as usual I didn’t find what I needed and we had lunch at the Grand. Our food was quite good and we saw many folks we knew which is always fun! On the way out of town we picked up a grill guard the Cowboy purchased from a fellow Facebook seller.

Back home I played with the sourdough loaf I have started, waited for news from Arkansas and about 4:30 we were headed back to town, this time with horse trailer. I spotted a really nice refrigerator for sale on Facebook–freezer and ice maker worked, refrigerator wouldn’t cool–and it was only six years old.

When we built this house 20 years ago we purchased top of the line appliances. The refrigerator lasted only six years. When we replaced it we bought a less expensive Frigidare which has always been so incredibly noisy it will wake us up at night!! I showed the Facebook refrigerator to the Cowboy and he said, “I bet I can fix it.” So, the woman selling it could only meet us later in the afternoon/evening–thus the second trip to town.

Back home the Cowboy hosed down the truck and trailer removing most of the muck–we will wash them both tomorrow.

Tuesday afternoon up the Boulder with smoke
Early May up the Boulder, no smoke (and also no leaves!)

Tuesday afternoon we took a drive up the Boulder seeing almost no four legged critters and not very many two legged. It was so hot and smoky Monday and Tuesday, 95 degrees Monday. The smoke is really doing a number on the Cowboy–headache, sore eyes and throat–ugh! Another reason to be grateful for the rain!

I am a great aunt once again. My brother’s son Clayton and his wife Hannah welcomed Magnolia Kayte into the world today–my brother Ross and his wife Vicky’s very first grandchild. Don’t know who is more excited–the parents or the grandparents!

Words cannot express how much the comments on the last blog post meant to us. We thank you all so much for your remarks, your encouragement and your understanding.

The Cowboy and me–Cedar Key, Florida, 2011

Found the above photo on the TinTeePeeLogCabin blog while searching for something else.

29 thoughts on “We Have Rain

  1. I have read your post twice weekly for the past three years and I am so going to miss it with the disappointment and sadness of a little boy who just lost his dog.
    .i will miss the absolute genius of the Cowboy and his mechanical know how. I will also miss the quilting that you have done. I wish you the best in your future. Iknow that you will work hard at it.


  2. Rain, what a blessing! Haven’t had any in many, many
    months. Very dry here. A little smoke some days.
    So tickled to see this post💛. Will be watching for
    any updates!
    Bet the Cowboy CAN fix that refrigerator .
    Hope it was a good buy.


  3. We are also greatly enjoying the rain and doing a happy dance. Good luck with the new fridge. If anybody can fix it, it will be your Cowboy.


  4. Such a great photo of you and the Cowboy. Love it. And of course, love the shots of rain and a bit less smoke. It seems to go on and on. We had one gorgeous smoke free day but now are back to skies that are murky. Not as bad as it was thank goodness. AQ was 46 yesterday, and I’ll take it. Love the shots of “up the Boulder”. You know I have had to run around all over the place on Google Earth to try to see your place. “LOL”


  5. Yippee! So happy you got some rain and cooler temps. I have forgotten what 48 degrees feels like! What a dramatic change in the Boulder pictures. You will have (hopefully) dramatic changes when you return to AZ as well. That is funny you mentioned the Frigidaire fridge…we had one in the GA house and swore we would never have another Frigidaire appliance. It worked just fine, but oh was it noisy! We did lots of research when buying appliances this time around. Magnolia Kayte is a beautiful name (especially the Magnolia part)…congratulations!


    1. The photos on the Cochise County photography FB group show some very dramatic changes in Arizona! Fissures opening up on the highways causing closures, roads closed for flooding!


  6. I’ve decided that I don’t welcome the rain in the summer. Rain at 100 degrees raises our humidity. While not as bad as the east coast, I don’t like wet skin and condensation on items. So…I’ll take my not as pretty Mojave desert any day over the humidity the Sonoran Desert sees in AZ (We average 5″ of year a year, where the Sonoran Desert gets 11.5″). Their humidity has been so high all summer…yuck. But I do want fall and winter rain for the wildflowers in the spring. You are getting chilly, 48 is down right cold. Probably feels good, though, after all your heat. Congratulations on your new grand niece! Love that photo of you and Michael. I thought it was recent. You two haven’t changed:)


    1. In our neck of Arizona it isn’t usually 100 degrees when raining. Not sure I would like to be there when it’s storming and flooding like it’s been lately. The San Pedro River is roaring! We think we’ve changed and we want to go back to the days of that photo!

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  7. I thought that was a recent photo of you two, as well! It’s a good one. Too bad we didn’t know you when you were making trips to Florida, we have a spot for you to stay on our property.
    So glad you’re getting rain! And I love your new grandniece’s name. 🙂


  8. I hear ya!! This rain is absolutely wonderful :-))) Give me clouds over smoke any day. I suspect a refrigerator is a piece of cake for Michael to repair, you’re so lucky! Congrats on the new family member. Love her name. Glad we get a few more posts from you.


  9. I will miss seeing the wonderful work you do and the interesting places you travel. We were inspired by your report about the Magruder Corridor and drove it on our trip to Montana in July–just before the smoke moved in.


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