Making Memories

Sunday night it did rain, about three tenths. The temperatures cooled significantly and our skies were clear–the smoke left in spite of the new fires springing up all over Montana on an almost hourly basis–and I’m not exaggerating!

Finally, a clear sky sunset Tuesday evening

The Pryor Mountain National Horse Range located near Lovell, Wyoming is a place we’ve been many times but always in the early spring. We toured the range with Larry and Geri in July, 2018 and experienced triple digit heat–something we didn’t want to repeat! If you click on the link it will take you to the blog post from our first trip to the Range with more info about the horses and sheep.

Lonn and gang have always wanted to go to the Range but their schedules just never allowed for it and summer time is not the time to go. They have had a couple unexpected days off and Monday was the day. Emmi had an early morning veterinarian appointment and once that was finished we were on the road.

It was one of those days when we say, “this is why we live in Montana.” Cool temps (high of 77 degrees), even cooler temps at the “top” and 8600 feet elevation, clear skies and a slight breeze–perfect! Lonn rode his motorcycle, Katie and Michael ATVs with a child each.

We found a spot to have a picnic lunch–

Lonn and his Dad
Katie, Michael, Millie Bliss, and Brooks with Emmi photobombing!

We not only found horses, we found sheep right after lunch–

Many of the times we’ve been to the Range it has rained/snowed/sleeted on us. The skies began to darken just about the time we reached the top but it didn’t rain or snow–thankfully!

The grass is short, really short and winter isn’t far off in that country. The horses all looked great right now–fat and happy.

Emmi met a new friend
Horse people watching the horses
One cute kid–Brooks

It was a long but so enjoyable day–we didn’t get home until after 10pm–kind of late for these people who are never out at night!

The kids are nowhere close to those horses–the photo just makes it look as if they were. Millie wanted to pet the horses!

The Cowboy fenced today and I cleaned. Our skies are still clear and we are grateful!!

10 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. WOW! What a fun day…beautiful scenery and wonderful memories for sure. So happy you finally have nice temps & clear skies. Brooks has a sweet smile, love the colt with its mama, & Emmi is too cute with her new friend.


  2. Oh, I’m so glad you had one of those “this is why we live in Montana” days! It looks absolutely stunning. And adorable kids. And an adorable photo bombing dog, LOL.


  3. Wonderful to see some clear air and sunshine for your outing. Looks like great fun with wonderful scenery and good friends. I hope it keeps on giving you some relief from the smoke, although the smoke plume map doesn’t look very encouraging. Hang in there.


  4. Nice to see some Montana summer like it should be. You haven’t had much of that this year. What a great trip. I bet the kids loved the ATV ride and the wildlife. Long day on the motorcycle for Lonn, though. Wonderful memories.


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