A Little Break

From the smoke and hot temperatures that it. It rained Wednesday night after I posted the blog, only two tenths but it lowered the temps and the wind blew away some of the smoke. It’s still hazy but we can at least see the mountains. We are under no illusions this will last. Our hearts go out to all the people in the path of these fires–The Cowboy read an article this week that said there are (and my numbers may be off a bit) 25 major fires in the western United States and 16 of those fires are in Montana!

I wrote the above paragraph Sunday morning, by Sunday evening the smoke came back–not as bad but it’s back.

Friday I had a massage appointment in town and the Cowboy went along to run some errands. He must be feeling energetic, he purchased barbed wire for fencing! It’s county 4H fair time and we drove down to the fairgrounds to see what was happening. My friend Jeane’s quilt won best of show and deservedly so–it’s a stunning piece of art! Her stitching is so perfect!

There were lots of gorgeous quilts and other items on display and we always enjoy looking at the auction items made by the 4H kids.

A cute pooch and her duck

On Saturday, the Cowboy used some of that wire he purchased, replacing a brace post that had rotted. Thank goodness once again for machinery–an auger on the skidsteer made short work of digging the new hole!

The grass still needs mowing–it’s under a sprinkler system so is still one of the green areas on our little ranch. The aspen grove which surrounds our house is still green because much of it is irrigated by our neighboring rancher’s center pivot. Get away from the house and it’s mighty brown. Milton, our Arizona caretaker sent this photo as he was mowing the grass/weeds in our yard–rain makes the brown come to life again.

We are absolutely loving our air conditioning! It’s so pleasant to be outside working in the heat and then step back into the cool house.

I am off to Billings on Monday morning, a friend is flying in and we’ve rented an AirBnB for a few nights. We’ve not seen each other in a while due to covid and life circumstances so we are both beyond excited!

Aren’t they gorgeous!
My Arizona sunflowers in the backyard flower bed
Smokey sunset

And speaking of being creative, my Mom knitted this blanket–I taught her to knit in November/December of 2020 while she was visiting us in Arizona. She has made some simple things and while she was visiting in Montana back in June, we saw this blanket pattern and I helped her with the stitch pattern using some practice yarn. We ordered the yarn and by the time she returned to Arkansas the yarn was at her house and she started to work. It’s just beautiful!!! I am so proud of her that at 84 years of age she has picked up this new skill and so enjoys doing it! Mom has always been creative, sewing everything we wore, making wedding, bridesmaid and prom dresses for other people, doing machine embroidery for herself, as gifts and for pay for other people. She isn’t as physically active any longer and knitting is something she can do sitting in her chair. ❤️❤️Good job Mom!!

The Cowboy built fence again today and it was hot out there! At least the wind was blowing but wind doesn’t help our dryness or the fire crews!

14 thoughts on “A Little Break

  1. That blanket your mom knit is beautiful! And so is the quilt that your friend made. It’s scary to hear about all of the fires in Montana—and the entire west. I wonder if this terrible drought will ever end.
    P.S. Emmi is so cute with her duck. 🙂


  2. We got a bit of a break from the smoke too. But that means I can see the mountains across the lake and the Woods Creek Fire smoke. 80% chance of rain tomorrow and I am really hoping that for once the forecasters are right.

    Your mom did a gorgeous job on the blanket. And so did your friend on the quilt. Love your bucks. And beautiful Emmi.


  3. It’s no surprise where your love & talent for all the beautiful things you make comes from. I bet your mom bakes as well! The blanket your mom knitted is gorgeous. Any reprieve from the smoke & heat is a blessing! And seeing your AZ flowers makes me want to plant something…we haven’t done anything in the yard yet…😩! Love the picture of sweet Emmi & her duck!


  4. It so sad that such destruction gives the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Your AZ sunflowers are so pretty. Mom’s blanket came out great! The stitching on your friends quilt flower is so perfect. Amazing work. Emmi is adorable with her duck:) Sure hope there are big rains in the northwest soon to tamp down these fires. So scary. Glad you are enjoying your A/C. Makes going out in the heat easier knowing it is waiting for you.


  5. Doesn’t look like any relief from the smoke once again so our travels are moving south the next couple weeks. Means missing you guys again :-(, but we’ll get together this winter for sure! Love your friend’s stunning quilt, definitely a blue ribbon creation. Your deer are beautiful.


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