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Today we have air conditioning and not a moment too soon! We ordered these mini split heating/air conditioning units on June 13. The units were delivered on about June 30 in some disarray having left the vendor shrink wrapped on a pallet but arriving at our house not shrink wrapped and not on a pallet. Boxes were missing, the main compressor box was damaged and as the Cowboy worked, he found more missing parts.

The company was very good about answering emails, sending the missing parts, etc., but my goodness, this has gone on long enough. The Cowboy worked so hard installing the main compressor unit outside, fabricating a bracket that would elevate the unit off the ground and eliminating the need for extra length on the line sets. Once the line set boxes arrived he mounted the two indoor units, wired the entire thing and attached all the lines–then we were at another week long whoa waiting for missing parts. 

Saturday he attached the lines to the compressor, tested them for leaks and flipped the switch. At first we thought it was working but then decided–nope, not working. By then it was time for us to head to Lonn’s. 

We were the backup babysitters Saturday night. It was Katie and Michael’s wedding anniversary and they had dinner reservations. Lonn was to have kept the kiddos but his job took an unexpected turn–so we were the backup. I took some of those delicious Costco prepared chicken street tacos–if you haven’t tried them, they are so good! Watermelon and strawberry ice cream completed our simple, quick meal with Lonn. It was fun to watch the kids play and giggle–no photos–trust me it was fun! Lonn spent the evening with us–no calls. 

A smokey sunset

Sunday we enjoyed a long coffee time and I made breakfast–pancakes and bacon. Then the Cowboy started working on the air conditioner again. Still no luck. Right after lunch he had an epiphany! Seems he had reversed some wiring and when he shut the unit down, rewired and restarted the unit–we had air conditioning! And it was 94 degrees outside! I have one talented husband!!

Sunday while the Cowboy was working I baked bread–Amish White Bread–my friend Judy suggested this recipe. Very, very good! And I mixed up a sourdough bread starter this morning–another rabbit hole Judy is leading me down! At least this rabbit hole won’t be as expense as the last one we traveled together–knitting!

Nothing has changed in our weather pattern–it’s hot and incredibly smokey. There are fires everywhere in Montana, one of the fires, Alder Gulch, is the highest priority fire for resources in the nation at this time due to the number of homes/structures in its path. Six firefighters have been injured all ready this fire season. And no end in sight–makes us sad. 

Taken Saturday, July 24, what happened to our mountains??
Same direction but in this photo you can see the mountains
No Crazy Mountains visible for several days, there is a huge fire in the Crazies
The Crazies in May, 2021
Even “our mountains” are hazy with smoke to the east
Our mountains on a better day in May, 2021
And a photo of my bread loaves that WordPress would not let me insert above after the fact

Life is good–our house is nice and cool thanks to my smart husband! 😍

21 thoughts on “They Work

  1. O O, sourdough bread, start and you’ll never quit! Every time it’s different for me, it intrudes into my sleep and often keeps me awake 😩 I have been making it for about a year and am still hoping for the best loaf 😉. Very elusive. Maybe some day I am lucky. At least so far most of it is edible 😍good luck!


    1. I have made both but after buying a cast iron Dutch Oven and 2 bannetons I have only baked with those. Now I’m waiting for a bread knife (your parcel is in the mail. Unfortunately there is a delay 👹 ect.ect.ect.)
      Did you say it was cheaper than knitting??? Hmmmm, I’m not so sure 😉


      1. I looked at a list of things Elaine Boddy recommends for baking sourdough and I had or had a substitute for most of the items–I have a cast iron Dutch Oven, no bannetons but will use a bowl lined with a towel for the time being before I jump into that frying pan! I may have to buy a bread lame and maybe some shower caps of all things!


  2. So glad you finally have A/C!! Wahoo! You need it this summer with the heat and the smoke. It also makes cooking and baking inside nicer. The oven really heats up a place, The bread is beautiful. Hope the fires leave you alone. Stay safe!


  3. What stunning countryside you live in.For certain your husband is very talented- perhaps next endeavour might be solar & powerwall as self sustaining is going to be required due to increasing power demands in N America.Very much enjoy this blog- all the best.


  4. A/C – what a joy it is to have in this never ending heat. You do know it was cooler in Apache Junction then it was up here. We can’t see the mountains across the lake any more. And the lake levels are dropping. They had to move the docks out farther.

    Your bread looks fantastic. Makes me drool.


  5. Wonderful news. The days when air conditioning wasn’t needed in the Pacific Northwest may have come to a close. Smoke photos are dramatic. I have many like that over the last few years here in Grants Pass. Although I certainly don’t have those gorgeous mountains in my view from the house! Have to travel for that. The bread looked yummy. I am still doing the Artisan version I got from you, but not since the triple digit heat started. I have good air conditioning, but hate to run the oven for any length of time even with the air going. Sure glad your Cowboy managed to get those units up and running! Stay cool and good luck with breathing!


  6. I’m with Sandie…drooling over your bread! Kudos to The Cowboy! So sad about the fires…fingers crossed no more firefighters are injured and the fires are out soon. That’s some beautiful country you live in
    during the summer! And Costco. Chicken tacos are on the list! I’m always looking for a tasty, easy meal !


    1. We do live in a beautiful part of Montana–but the smoke! The chicken street tacos are in the deli section where you find the prepared Cesar salads, chicken pot pies, etc.


  7. Congrats on the bread! I have been baking sour dough loaves for about 6 yrs now. Almost exclusively. I bake in a loaf pan not as a round. My recipe is so easy. Your mountains are so nice to look at when you can see them.
    Yeah to Cowboy to figure out the problem. Handy husbands are so very handy.


      1. Sure, email sent and correction! But here is it
        2 C starter
        1.5 C water
        1/4 C honey – helps with browning, but can be left out if necessary
        5+C flour – bread flour or a combination of your choice, but majority reg bread flour
        1tablespoon salt
        bake at 385 in a convection oven or about 400 in a regular oven. for 32-33 min until internal temp is 205
        makes 2 loaves that weigh 28 – 29 oz
        can use either 9×5 or 8×4 size pans.
        just before putting in the oven cut a slit across the top of the loaf with a sharp knife or razor blad as this will help with oven spring.


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