A Major First For Me

For a while we’ve had camping reservations near Red Lodge. We were joining Katie and her two munchkins. We ordered mini split heating/air conditioning units from Amazon on June 13 with delivery by June 30th. On Monday I called the freight company–“oh yes, we outsource to a Montana/Wyoming freight company, someone from that company will call you today.” Should have known better. The Cowboy stayed home in order to receive that call and the mini splits. When my cell phone once again had service today I called him–nope, he had not received a call nor the mini splits.

So, it was a first for me–I’ve pulled and backed trailers, mostly gooseneck trailers and have no trouble pulling–it’s the backing that’s a problem! I received backing lessons in our driveway Monday morning and just after lunch I was off with our new to us travel trailer. And I was semi successful–the backing took me several tries but I finally got the hang of it and put that trailer right where it was supposed to go. And–I leveled the trailer on the first try!!!!  

Here comes Brooks and Oreo
And Millie

It was nice and cool and it was dang cold in the mornings! I was having battery problems and couldn’t run the heat in the early morning but survived. While not out chasing munchkins I knitted and read. It was a gloriously restful, fun time with family and I enjoyed every minute!


Happy hour snacks, kid style
Greenough Lake

Katie and her husband had purchased an inflatable paddle board–this was it’s maiden voyage. Katie is one strong young woman–the paddle board weighs about 25 pounds and she packed that thing uphill from our campsite and down to the lake. I declined a ride on the board!

Oreo is very attached to Katie and was quite concerned about her being out on the lake!
Brave enough to stand!

So–it was a successful camping trip for me alone. There were some stressful times–on the way to Red Lodge on Monday I had two suicidal motorcycle riders pass me (I was doing the speed limit)–the first one on a double yellow line and when he cut back into my lane he almost clipped my front bumper. The second almost caused a major pile up when he pulled out to pass me with a car coming at us in the other lane–he pulled back behind me just in time with the car honking angrily at the motorcycle rider. YIKES!!! The battery problem was a touch stressful but Katie had brought a generator and I just ran it a couple times a day. The campground was pleasant and not crowded. The weather was perfect–yes, a successful maiden voyage.


How would you like to climb down that ladder in the dark to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night??

16 thoughts on “A Major First For Me

  1. I cannot back the truck let alone the trailer so I am really proud of you. We’re at the fairgrounds in Helena(move to the lake today) and some women in a small class c was trying to back into a space. Jim finally went over and guided her in before she ran over the power post. Looks like a beautiful spot.


  2. Congratulations on a successful and fun weekend. I would have wimped out if Dave couldn’t go, I’m so uncoordinated when trying to do things like pulling a trailer. I have many good qualities, but that is NOT among them!
    Ladders like that are for young people with good bladders! (or good aim….)


  3. I’m impressed! That should motivate me to get some ‘backing up lessons’ with our trailer. What a beautiful camping spot and adorable grandkids!


    1. It was fun to be out with the grandkids! My granddaughter Katie drives a big diesel pickup and pulls a large fifth wheel. She goes out during the week with just the kids as her husband has one of those jobs that requires his presence almost all summer.


  4. That was fun, Janna. Still shivering over imagining climbing down that ladder in the middle of the night. Not gonna happen. Sure are some cute kids there. Glad you figured up the backing part. It is kinda fun when it suddenly kicks in. I have learned that backing is more muscle memory than thinking. If you think too much you will screw it up. Just look backwards and do what comes naturally, rather than what you think you should do. I used to back a big cargo trailer at craft shows and loved showing up the smirking guys who would sit around expecting this red headed woman to fail. Loved watching their smirks change when I could move that thing on a dime. Still enjoy doing that at the dump with our little debris trailer. Lovely camp spot! Heard there was a fire near there but looks like it wasn’t affecting you.


    1. I helped the Cowboy with our excavation business and hauled gravel to customers using our truck and gooseneck hitch trailer–I was OK with that combination but bumper pulls have always been hard for me–I just need practice!


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