Another Busy Week

After spending Wednesday in Billings where the temperature was 94 degrees, I just couldn’t summon the energy to write a Wednesday blog. I left home at 9am leaving the Cowboy and Emmi to fend for themselves and didn’t get home until after 6pm. Haircut, mammogram and pedicure–plus a quick Costco stop–it was a long day.

Thursday was to have been just a quick trip to the vet in town for Emmi’s yearly exam and vaccinations, particularly the rattlesnake vaccine! Instead the vet visit turned into an all day affair. Seems Emmi had an impacted anal gland (yes, it’s gross) and they had to sedate her to drain it. When the vet office called us at about 1pm to tell us Emmi was ready to be picked up, I could hear the princess howling in the background. They loved the way she throws back that little head and howls. We are so incredibly fortunate to have the best veterinarian care in our small Montana town!

Friday we had the wheels rolling again–physical therapy for me and the Cowboy went along because I promised him a milkshake at Mark’s In and Out. This week the therapist needled the muscles along the outer aspect of my legs. If anything is helping my hip, it’s not very noticeable–the therapist tells me I need to have patience! It took a year to get to this point; I shouldn’t expect to be cured in three weeks! Humphhh!!

Saturday evening we had friends join us for a lovely dinner outside on our backyard patio. Max and Dave plus Ken and Lesley. As always we dined well and enjoyed great conversation! When I had lunch with my friend Sarah a week or so ago, we both ordered the lemon ricotta gelato for dessert. It was love at first bite and I was determined to recreate this treat at home. I asked Mr. Google and found a recipe. This lemon ricotta gelato is amazing!! Even the Cowboy loved it!

Sunday I worked inside the little RV–hanging the curtains I had washed and ironed, washing some windows, removing the mini-blinds and hosing them down, etc. The Cowboy is finished with the hot water heater install which is under the bed–the mattress has been sitting propped against the couch, in the way. Today the mattress went back to its home.

More lilac blossoms than we’ve ever had–when Nat was building his indoor horseshoe pitching court this lilac bush was in the way–we dug it up and transplanted it up the Boulder.

The sun is setting casting our world in a golden glow.

12 thoughts on “Another Busy Week

  1. Oh, I love lilacs! And your golden glow photo is lovely. I know it’s hard to be patient, but I hope you get good results with your physical therapy for your hip.


    1. I too love lilacs but the scent is over powering if I try to pick the blossoms and make an inside bouquet–so I enjoy them outside. I’m trying so hard to be patient, not succeeding every day.


  2. Oh! The lilacs are beautiful. They are some of Dave’s favorite flowers, we had so many at the farm, and Jesse bought Dave two white bushes for his birthday at the lake one year. Sad to leave them behind.

    I think all Phy, Therapists give the same schpeil……”it took ……… to get to this point, it will take at least that long to heal.” yeah, right.


  3. Might have to try that gelato, sounds yummy! PT? not so much. I did it for a few months for my knee, then later for my hip, then of course when the IBM started and we didn’t know what it was, did PT for the legs. To no avail. Maybe just didn’t have the right therapist. Water therapy is supposed to be the best, but Medicare won’t pay for any more. Our YMCA pool just reopened, so I might try that sooner or later. Scary about Emmi, glad all when well. and the Cowboy is healing and spring/summer is coming along. Good things, good friends, good food, and time to write about it.


  4. Did you add the lenoncello to your gelato? It’s not something I usually have on hand. I know it said optional but it sounds good and wondered if you tried it this way


    1. I did add the limoncello–I purchased a bottle because I knew we would eventually use it–the granddaughters like to try new drink combinations and there are some great sounding ones on the back of the bottle. I highly doubt it made any difference in the taste! And, something I noticed–there was a little grainy texture to the lemon gelato–probably from the ricotta and the next time I make it I will use the electric mixer to add the ricotta–the whisk just didn’t do the job.


  5. Yes, lilacs will grow in AZ. MY neighbor brought me a bouquet from his bush this spring.
    Linda in Tombstone


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