Sunday Morning

While I rarely rise before the Cowboy this Sunday morning I did. It was chilly in our house and outside, 41 degrees outside and 61 degrees inside. The aspens are all leafed and our house sits in a jungle like atmosphere. The birds are singing and chirping, the little hummingbirds zipping around–it’s a beautiful Sunday morning.

In years past there has never been the need for air conditioning in a Montana summer at 5200 feet elevation. We might have a few 90+ days and seldom see 100+. At night the air most always chills down and we sleep so well with all the doors and windows open to that cool air. When the sun rises along with the temp, we shut all the doors and windows. Our log home stays cool all day if it’s not too hot outside.

The last four days it’s been HOT at 5200 feet elevation, HOT as in 90+ degrees! Very unusual for early June. It’s been too warm at night for the house to chill enough to stay cool all day in those temps. We tried to order mini-split air conditioning/heating units last summer without success. We’ve been discussing it at length this season–is it worth the expense for just a few days of summer when we actually need air conditioning?

On Thursday I had another physical therapy session in Livingston and enjoyed a fabulous lunch with Sarah again. The only drawback about our lunch–the restaurant was not air conditioned and it was literally like an oven in there. I felt so sorry for the people in the kitchen! The guy at the counter did tell me the air conditioning was being installed this coming week. Once home I did very little–it was so HOT in our house.

The Cowboy is enjoying a little more freedom now that we know his skin graft is working. He’s been working on our new to us little travel trailer–the previous owner failed to winterize the hot water tank causing it to freeze and split. He said to us, “I just never fixed it, my wife would heat water on the stove to wash dishes.” Well, the Cowboy’s wife is not so accommodating about dishes much less willing to take a cold shower!

The little trailer is older, is in decent shape and has a good layout for us. Because it’s older the original hot water tank was not available and the Cowboy has had to manufacture pieces to make the new one we ordered fit into the space. I will say again, I’m so glad I have a handy husband! Of course it was dirty and I’ve been cleaning, washing curtains, etc.

This is a camper, it’s for camping with ATVing friends and with the grandchildren. We don’t think we will be hauling/driving a camper back and forth between Arizona and Montana any longer.

We had a thunderstorm Friday night which dumped a little rain in a short period of time. Our gutters were overflowing so Saturday I tackled that project. It should be done in the fall after the leaves have fallen from the trees but we are usually so busy gutter cleaning doesn’t happen.

The physical therapist gave me extra homework this session and it seems I’m spending a lot of time downstairs exercising. She is trying to help me build strength back in my lower body parts which should in time help this hip problem I have. So off to exercise I go, willingly! Who knew that at the age of 65 I didn’t know how to bend over properly???

We’ve had a lazy Sunday–I did exercise and make lunch but the rest of the time I’ve been in my chair knitting. It’s been a marvelous, beautiful, cool June day in Montana–hopefully that heat is gone for a while!

A grouse who seems to think our deck rail is her new home. Grouse are domestic chicken size birds who leave chicken sized poop! UGH!

Working on the trailer–don’t you like his chair!

Fragrant chokecherry blossoms

9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. We had to laugh when we read that you purchased another RV. At least Michael never runs out of projects. I guess purchasing RVs is easier than buying a new house to rebuild…haha! Glad the heat left your area. Crazy weather, for sure.


  2. Hmm, how do you bend over wrong? Maybe I need some pointers…
    I have a fan rotating on me at my computer here in Maryland. The a/c just came on at noon and I closed the windows. It was 81 degrees at 7:30am.


    1. That’s too warm for Maryland too! Stand about 6-8 inches from a door or wall and bend over with your knees slightly bent–if your butt doesn’t touch the door you are doing it wrong! My rear end came nowhere near the wall! Your shoulders should be back and your head extending straight out of your shoulders, not tucked.


      1. Thank you! I followed your instructions and I am bending over correctly. I do stretches every morning for 20min to keep me limber. Glad to have an extra “checkup”!


  3. Your Sunday morning sounds lovely. Hope you find a solution for your hot days. I get cranky when it’s over 85! I get such amazing relief with stretching after a few visits with a PT – they’re miracle workers. Your grouse is a beauty!


    1. My grouse isn’t going to be a beauty if she keeps leaving me gifts on the deck rail–gross! We’ve now cooled off–let’s hope the cool down lasts through June! My physical therapist is truly a miracle worker!


  4. I love love love that first photo. You caught my favorite moment in spring, Green Leaf Day. We had that crazy hot spell last week as well, with triple digits. Now it is raining and chilly enough that we turned on the living room fireplace this morning! I have that same thing with some ethnic foods, only to be shared with girlfriends or daughters. Mo isn’t quite as much meat and potatoes as the Cowboy, but still not particularly fond of “different” stuff. Perfect little trailer for camping! Why haul it all back and forth when you can fly it in 5 hours. Except…do you have cars down there and at home as well? wondered about that one, but I am sure you do.


    1. Thanks Sue! I wish it was chilly enough to use the heat–Mike is irrigating and that’s hard work much less when it’s 85 degrees outside. And yes, we do have a vehicle we keep in AZ.


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