What A Relief

Said the Cowboy when they took off the bulky dressing and removed all his stitches today–“what a relief!” And he can now see! The dressing along with the ointments made it very difficult to see. The graft took and he only has to wear a very light dressing for another week or two, mostly to remind himself to not touch the area.

On Monday afternoon we drove into town just to get the Cowboy out of the house. There had been a ceremony at the cemetery that morning and the flags were still in place. It’s a peaceful, beautiful spot to remember why we have a Memorial Day. These are the photos I took–

Tuesday I stopped by the nursery on the way to physical therapy and purchased a few plants for our deck before meeting friend Sarah for lunch. We enjoyed our meal and visit immensely. Our two spouses are meat and potato kind of guys and wouldn’t set foot in the restaurant where we dined. So, we dine without the guys when wanting to try a new place. 😁

Wednesday was a Billings day–Costco, lunch and the dermatologist. I drove and my hip did not seem to bother me as much–maybe it is finally going to improve.

It was a way too hot for this time of year day in Montana–I think we had a high of 84! And we had no power all day–the power company was repairing a major line and shut down the power for over eight hours. So, it was a good day to be gone!

Sunset Tuesday evening was gorgeous!

8 thoughts on “What A Relief

  1. You sure are running a lot! That’s how it goes! Best of luck to Mike, at least he’s on the road to normal. Beautiful sunset photos! Hope your hip keeps improving!!


  2. Very happy for your Cowboy. And your hip. Record heat here in Idaho. Up on the mid 90s. Hope this isn’t how the whole summer is going.


  3. Glad to hear you both are moving in the right direction! Hope you and Michael continue to heal. I’m not sure 84 qualifies as too warm, but I guess for Montana it does. Our thermometer in the house went to 101.9 today. While other areas went to 107 (setting a new record), we rarely go over 100 at the house. The plus side…the pool water hit 80. It was just perfect. Makes sitting outside very relaxing when one is wet. Beautiful sunset!


    1. No, I don’t usually think of 84 degrees as too hot but as you know we have no air conditioning and we were gone all day–our house was an oven! The Cowboy is working on ordering mini split units for the house–we are done being without air conditioning! Today we are to hit 89 and tomorrow 91–that’s too HOT for Montana in June plus we’ve had no moisture–a little concerning this early in the summer/fire season!


  4. Such good news that Michael is on the mend! That must have been awful for him. It’s crazy when I hear that our friends in the West are having much hotter weather than we are here in Florida. Then again, the humidity here will try to kill us come July.


    1. This is crazy weather–this is August in Montana weather–not June! I have to go to Billings on Wednesday and it’s to be 95 degrees again, UGH! And I don’t envy you the humidity!


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