Slow Going

The days since I posted last have been dragging simply because the Cowboy wants this to be over. This Mohs recovery has been tougher than any he has experienced; or his Dad experienced. The area is right below his eyelashes thus it was tough for the nurse to bandage. He can’t see over the bandage, his eye is irritated all the time making it difficult to focus, it’s just been a tough trip for him. Add all this to the fact he is under orders to take it easy and you can understand why he is super restless.

Thursday the Cowboy went with me to physical therapy just to have something to do. The physical therapy this time consisted of a whole lot of questions on my part and the dry needling of my hip again. I think my hip is slightly better.

There is a daily feeding frenzy at all the bird feeders including the hummingbird feeder. It’s such a pleasure to watch all the little birds competing for a bite of food–they can be rude little buggers! This time of year I’m filling three feeders once a day!

Saturday we took a drive and things are different in our neighborhood–and most of what we saw wasn’t a good different. We’ve seen logging done very well and we’ve seen it done poorly–poorly would be the word for the logging we saw. A neighboring house is gone, not there. The mine is expanding and creating change. To say things in our neighborhood were different is an understatement!

Sunday the Cowboy puttered in his shop under strict orders not to lift anything heavy. I worked in the quilting studio and also made us a fabulous Sunday lunch.

The neighbors have quite the nursery going on up on the hill–last count there were seven new foals. This photo just shows some of the seven babies.

This afternoon we drove to Big Timber for ice cream–just to get out of the house. Yes, Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

16 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. My thoughts are with you Mike. Your eye problem makes my eye problem look like a walk in the park. Eye problems can become so serious so fast. This aging stuff is definitely not fun!!


  2. So sorry Mike. I’m sure as he sits there, all he can think about are things that need to be done and things he wants to get done. So frustrating. And like Jim, he’s probably a very impatient patient.


  3. Having recovered from 4 MOHS surgeries on my face, one involving my lip, I can sympathize with the Cowboy’s plight. At this point I’m almost of the mindset to just let them go – mine have been the slow-spreading Basal Cell. Glad your hip is getting a touch better. Being seasonal is great in some ways but can be shocking in others.


  4. I sympathize with the Cowboy, send him get well wishes from us! The hip thing??? who knows. Hopefully what you think is true and you are getting better. Joints are such a pain sometimes. Love seeing all those great baby horses in your beautiful Montana landscape


  5. So sorry to hear of Mike’s problem. The pain and annoyance is bad enough without having to lay low! I have one of those men here in Beluga and it’s tough going when they have to whoa up a bit! Love seeing all those foals!


  6. Certainly a tough time for poor Michael. Anything on the face is bad enough but around the eye is super difficult. Thanks goodness he has a quality nurse to take care of his bandaging. Take it easy sure isn’t in some people’s vocabulary, especially when hands on projects are what you enjoy. Sure hope things improve for Michael real soon. Good to hear you’ve gotten some relief in your hip.


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