We Have Leaves

Finally spring has sprung–we think! It’s not very warm, our high temp today was about 55 degrees but we do have leaves. Nat’s (the Cowboy’s father)birthday was May 24th and he always said the leaves would pop before his birthday. Some years he almost missed that prediction, this year was one of those.

Leaves and vivid green grass
Looking west

Monday was just a day of chores which compared to the next two days we will take the chores!

Tuesday the Cowboy made a run to the sawmill in Reed Point for slab pieces we will use as firewood. The sawmill has an excess supply of slabs; they are selling a loader full of slabs for $7! The Cowboy’s dump trailer held three loader scoops! Cool beans!

I stayed home and made lunch. After lunch we headed to Livingston for my first physical therapy appointment. Seems there is a shortage of physical therapists in our neck of the woods. Our local physical therapy clinic in Big Timber could not see me for probably two months. Another therapist who has started a private practice in Big Timber never returned my phone call.

So off to Livingston and Granite Sports Medicine. The therapist–Dr. Alison was amazing! So intelligent and thoughtful plus she had therapeutic suggestions, not just “here’s a list of exercises, do these twice daily.” She performed a dry needling (similar to acupuncture) procedure on my hip, inserting two needles into the “spot” where my hip hurts and hooked a mild electric current to those needles. I left her office with optimism–something I haven’t had about this hip in almost a year. My hip felt better than it had in a year and continued to feel better until Wednesday afternoon. I am seeing Dr. Alison twice a week–let’s hope I continue to improve! She also gave me stretching exercises and was the first person to tell me that there can be such a thing as “too much exercising” of a painful body part.

The Cowboy has also had a not so great time this week–he would like to go back to a “just chores” day too. We drove to Billings bright and early this morning–no moon eclipse for us–too much cloud cover. The Cowboy had another MOHS procedure today and this one was a doozy! Right underneath his eye requiring two “slices” before the surgeon declared the margins “clear.” Then it was time to repair the site and that required a skin graft. He’s under strict orders to take it easy for the next week until we go back to the surgeon–that’s going to be really hard for my Cowboy! He declined to be photographed for this blog–he is going to have one heck of a black eye/face/etc.!!

This little guy flew into the window on Tuesday–the first photo is right after he hit the window and the other photos are after he hopped over to the edge of the deck and flew away.

Emmi went along today and was such a good girl waiting in the car. Parking around the two medical centers in Billings is a challenge and I had to move the car once as I was parked in a two hour spot. Emmi was glad to see me when I came to move the car but went right back to napping when I left to re-join the Cowboy. It was a cool, overcast day in Billings.

10 thoughts on “We Have Leaves

  1. It has been cool and windy here! It’ll warm up, then we’ll have to watch for hail! All our best for Mike’s recovery, I know it just takes time!


    1. Thanks Larry and Geri! We drove through a huge thunderstorm today on the way back from Billings. Torrential rain so bad I started hydroplaning and sliding sideways. Thanks goodness I had slowed down, didn’t swerve or hit the brakes. As we got closer to Big Timber there were piles of hail alongside and on the freeway–small stuff but lots of it!


  2. Interesting tip from PT about too much stretching/exercise for a painful area. I asked John if he caught that in your post. He has rotator cuff tendinitis. He is icing/heating and following stretches he found online at least twice a day. I suggested maybe he cut back and rest a little after reading your post. Give Michael our best. Hope the follow-up visit goes well.


  3. I read this before my trip to the dermatologist this morning…shaky knees!! I got lucky, biopsies came back ok. So sorry for the Cowboy. Hard stuff for sure. All that outdoor work has a price for us. Green Leaf Day!! Glad you found a good therapist finally. It seems that specialists of all kinds are becoming more and more rare in anyplace but the largest cities. I have to drive 350 miles each way here in Oregon to get to my neuromuscular specialist.


    1. We knew this spot under Mike’s eye was going to be a problem–there was a angry looking area there all winter and I couldn’t get it healed. That’s a long, long way to drive to see a physician!


  4. Your views are so pretty, even thought they’re chilly. We love it when summer takes it’s time getting hot! Glad you found a PT you like who doesn’t just give you the pat instructions. Cowboy’s healing sounds painful! Hope it’s quick and that he can really take it easy :-))


  5. So glad you’ve found a good physical therapist! I’m guilty of thinking that if I just ‘do more’ exercise or whatever that it will fix the problem. I like the prescription for rest. I hope Michael heals quickly. Tie him down if you have to, LOL!!


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