Sitting In The Clouds

Last Wednesday night it began to rain and we’ve been sitting in a cloud bank watching it rain or snow since Wednesday. And it’s been cold and breezy. The forecast tells us we are going to be sitting in this cloud bank until maybe Thursday–not nice!

We’ve been hanging out in the house/garage puttering, reading, cooking and enjoying some down time. Friday I had a massage in town and then joined friends Jill and Jeane for lunch–it was good to see them! Saturday the Cowboy had a lunch date in town with a bunch of his high school friends.

Sunday morning after I made breakfast (pancakes and bacon) we took a walk up into the hayfields where eagle eye Cowboy spotted this bald eagle watching over the neighbor’s horses–

Not very clear photos–zoomed and no tripod
See the legs of the mare’s baby?
OK, Lady, I’m done with you taking photos, I’m out of here!

After our walk the eagle was still in tree so I jumped on the ATV and drove down the driveway to see if I could get a touch closer–he allowed me the one photo above before soaring away.

For lunch today I was preparing this recipe our friend Pam had shared on Facebook–Gluten Free Baked Feta Pasta. Following the recipe to some extent the first time, I used the oven and what a mess–the olive oil splatters everywhere. Pam had used her grill so today I placed my Pyrex casserole dish on the grill–something I’ve done many, many times before as I use our gas grill for way more than grilling. Years ago I took a gas grill cooking class and learned to even bake using the grill.

I also didn’t use gluten free pasta but stuck with the rest of the recipe. Everything was cooking, I had added the shrimp and set the timer. I went outside to check and noticed a tremendous amount of smoke coming from the grill–opened the lid and said a few choice words!! My Pyrex dish had literally exploded–that was the end of that lunch! What a mess to clean up!

As I’m finishing this blog the sun is shining!!–for the first time in days!!

Earlier in the week when it was snowing!

14 thoughts on “Sitting In The Clouds

  1. I think your not suppose to put Pyrex on a stove top, probably includes a grill! At least the sun isn’t bothering Mike’s head! Raining here a lot too!


    1. You know, I think you might be right Geri! Always before when I’ve used Pyrex on the grill it’s been on indirect heat. Yesterday I had one burner on low underneath the dish. Lesson learned!


  2. Oh No! Sorry about your meal fiasco and the gloomy weather! The Eagle captures were great, don’t apologize about the clarity – you got to see an EAGLE!


  3. I’ve often wondered about using the grill to bake food. But I’ve never tried it. So sorry about your lunch. And having to clean it up. We are having rainy, cloudy, snowy days here near Reno. I’m ready for a little sunshine now.


  4. Wow, that snow looks COLD! I am glad the lid was closed on the grill, that might have been a bit devastating otherwise. Spooky. I have never tried putting anything like that in my grill. Now I for sure won’t try it!


  5. Oh no…what a huge mess that must have been!! I had a Pyrex dish explode in the oven one time. Grrrr. Definitely ruins the meal AND makes me really mad, LOL.


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