The Cowboy Falls Off The Pedestal

The last few days in Montana have been perfect–temps in the high seventies, blue skies with puffy white clouds and very little wind. Perfect! But those perfect days end today as for the next several days our forecast calls for rain and snow–but that’s OK–Montana needs the moisture.

And here comes the cold front bringing the rain.

Sometimes the Cowboy falls off his pedestal and Tuesday he fell hard! I know I’ve written about the time he towed us home in a blizzard with ME steering the truck AND trailer loaded with lumber being towed!! Nothing worked in the truck I was steering–windshield wipers for one–and I had to hang my head out the window to see anything–such as how close I was to the truck the Cowboy was driving. I was hysterical by the time we got all those vehicles home and told the Cowboy then (that was way back in our early madly in love days!) I was NOT impressed!

The Cowboy has a 1997 Ford Powerstroke diesel one ton pickup with less than 80,000 miles on the odometer–a highly coveted truck in the diesel world. It needs to go to a diesel shop–it won’t start–so how do we get it to the shop?? Here comes the why he “fell off the pedestal!” A friend loaned us a tilt bed trailer, the Cowboy is in the mini excavator attached to the truck. The truck is pointed downhill and momentum will help move the truck onto the trailer and the mini excavator will keep things from going south–he hopes. Then he tells ME that I am going to steer the pickup onto the trailer!! Remember this truck won’t start so steering is extremely hard and this trailer has little wiggle room between the fenders where the truck will sit. I could feel the gray hairs popping out on my head!!! As you can see from this photo all went well, the truck was delivered to the repair shop on Wednesday morning. The things I do for the Cowboy!

Shortly after the Cowboy left Wednesday morning, I headed to Billings for my last knee injection and a few groceries. While in Costco I left my partially loaded cart sitting while I headed down a crowded aisle. When I came back, my cart was gone–disappeared!! I never, ever put my purse in the grocery cart, it’s always on my shoulder–that was good. There was another cart sitting where I left mine with someone’s jacket and water bottle. I waited a bit but the cart thief never came back–so I found another cart and re-shopped. Good grief!

Life is good.

18 thoughts on “The Cowboy Falls Off The Pedestal

  1. Hahaha! Our beloved husbands put us through a lot as we try to “help”. I remember trying to steady a corvette body hanging from the ceiling of one of our barns, as Dave guided it down onto the chassis. “I can’t hold it”……you have to….”I can’t hold it”…..yes you can! Well, it turns out his faith in me was justified, I did hold it….but sheesh! More stories than I care to share. All in the name of love.


  2. Have the injections made a significant difference? In 2019, I had the series of 5 Supartz injections. They seemed to make a difference, but not enough to continue. I’m 78, and am questioning whether I want a knee replacement. My neighbors (same age) have successfully had replacements, and they’ve certainly become more mobile.


    1. Good morning Annette! The first set of injections I had last fall helped. The jury is out on this set–the doctor said to wait six weeks after the last one so we will see! If you are otherwise healthy and active, this nurse would tell you to consider joint replacement. It’s no picnic and you must do the physical therapy but the pain is gone and you become more mobile. My mother has had both knees replaced and my father had one of his replaced.


      1. Hi Janna… Thanks so much for answering my question, and especially from your viewpoint!


  3. Oh My Goodness! I am glad to find out my husband is not alone in this behavior. Stories I don’t even want to think about let alone repeat. Thanks for this post.
    I hope the shot helps your knee.


  4. You are one brave lady! Good job “steering” that truck on the trailer. Yes, we are called on to help and we do, somehow, find our extra strength. Our TV in the front of our MH broke free from one side as we were driving. It was an older very heavy mother. But someone had to hold up the TV in its case and someone had to drive the MH to where we could reattach it. I can’t drive the MH so…I got to hold the TV up while we took the very curvy road to park. My arms were shaking so badly by the time we stopped. But I managed to keep my balance while standing at the dash holding up the TV so the other side didn’t come off, too. Crazy people we are!! Who takes someone elses shopping cart!!!


    1. WOW! That took some balancing and strength! And my shopping cart had highly noticeable things in it–pillows, a set of bathroom rugs, a big box of glass containers with snap on lids.


  5. Jim knows I am totally incompetent and yet for the first 30 years of marriage he thought I could help him with projects. Finally I think he has now realized that I am not the one to ask. 😁 is someone really so lazy they needed you to shop for them? Good grief. Its not like it was paid for.


  6. Great story, and of course his faith was justified 🙂 Bill is always saying “you’ve got this” when driving through precarious situations. I’m never happy about it at the time, but so far so good! Why in the world would someone take a cart of unpurchased items? Costco wears me out with one round, not sure I’d be up for a second one!!


  7. Hahaha!!! What a team you two are!
    The annoying thing about the Costco cart thief is that you know they abandoned your cart somewhere when they realized it wasn’t theirs. 😦


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