Still no leaves

Now doesn’t that sound like an exciting blog anyone would want to read?? There’s been way too much cleaning going on in this house lately but on Saturday our friend Debbie came–that woman can clean! When I worked for Kimberly-Clark and traveled extensively, Debbie cleaned my house every two weeks. She still cleans for various people and agreed to come spring clean my house–windows, baseboards, floors, ceiling fans–our house is squeaky clean and I found it very exciting! Boring to most people but exciting to me!

Thursday we were back in Billings. The Cowboy had his photodynamic therapy procedure just on the top of his head. First the nurse applied the photosensitizer drug then sent him to the lobby to wait for two hours. Then he was placed under a super bright light–he said it looked like the hair dryers salons had in the past. The light creates an intense heat, almost unbearable heat. He had to sit under this light for 16 minutes, 40 seconds which is 1000 seconds. The top of his head has turned a deep red color as if he has a major sunburn. He had to keep that area out of the sun totally for 48 hours and even now finds it painful to be outside without his hat. He declined to be photographed for this blog!😍

A few years ago I lost my sewing mojo and haven’t quilted or sewn much of anything in that time. I’m starting to feel twinges of interest in sewing again and goodness knows I have enough fabric to start most any project! While Debbie was cleaning upstairs on Saturday I was downstairs making potholders and started an apron which I finished on Sunday.

Saturday evening we went to Lonn’s to have dinner with the family. Our Brooks celebrates his birthday in mid April thus we are usually not home for that birthday. He was disappointed this year that we wouldn’t be back for his birthday and I told him we would celebrate again when we got to Montana. He didn’t let me forget! We took presents for he and Millie plus I baked a three layer chocolate cake. Brooks insisted on putting candles on the cake and us bringing the cake to the table as we sang happy birthday. He was so cute!

The Cowboy changed the oil in the mini-excavator in preparation for digging out some rocks for friends. Emmi chased balls and enjoyed treats. It was a good day and life is indeed good.

14 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. Ooh. I need that apron pattern. So cute. Glad you are sewing again. Haven’t yet had someone clean my house. I used to clean houses so I would imagine I would be a snot to work for.


    1. The apron pattern is Lilly Apron by Busy Bee Quilt Designs–I’ve had it a long time. I’ve had other housekeepers that didn’t live up to my standard of clean but Debbie is the best!


      1. You,as always are an inspiration!! I, too love the apron pattern, and I just ordered it!! never seen the pattern before, and it’s so cute!! Sure hope the Cowboy gets better soon,too!! Thank you!!


      2. That is an interesting apron. what does the back look like? I also don’t like wearing one that hangs on my neck. I have changed the apron I wear from one that hangs on my neck with a waist tie, to crossed straps in the back, so I don’t have to tie it.


  2. Having the house cleaned by someone else is a great feeling. Hope Michael’s treatment is successful. I love that apron!! I am the messest cook. I have three old t-shirts that I call my cooking shirts to wear when in the kitchen. My apron hangs from my neck and I can’t stand it. Your new apron looks very comfortable. Great job! How nice that you got to recelebrate Brook’s birthday:) The cake looks so good.


    1. I too am a messy cook and don’t usually wear an apron–I wear older clothes too. I do wear an apron if I’m having a dinner party and cooking just before people arrive. We love that cake!

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  3. That apron is adorable! I have aprons that I’ve made, but I like yours better. 🙂 And there’s nothing better than a sparkling clean home—even better if someone else pitches in to help. Because it’s a LOT of work!!!


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