Regular Programing

My Dad had a saying when I was a teenager, “you are just keeping the road hot!”–meaning I was going out way too much to his way of thinking! Well, this week we are keeping the road hot!

Monday we did stay home and I cleaned parts of the kitchen–who knew so much dust could collect behind closed kitchen cabinet doors??

The Cowboy tinkered with the new Polaris RZR we purchased trying to decide where to mount the GPS, etc.–guy stuff! He’s also been collecting tools–can’t get many tools in a suitcase and Amazon has been making almost daily deliveries of stuff that wouldn’t fit in those suitcases and had to be left in Arizona.

Yesterday Amazon delivered this BIG, LONG box containing running boards for our truck–you can have anything delivered via Amazon it seems! Those running boards are 6-7 feet long and heavy!

Tuesday was a “road” day–to Billings. The Cowboy found treasures on Craigslist and the Facebook Marketplace–an air compressor identical to the one we left in Arizona and a battery operated Kobalt lawnmower of all things–new in the box!

We don’t have much lawn, it takes us less than 15 minutes to mow. Our small gas powered lawn mower is on its last legs/wheels and we were looking for something to replace it. The Cowboy charged the battery and I mowed the grass. Oh my–I’m hooked! Quiet, light weight–amazing technology! And I still had two of four bars left on the battery when the lawn was finished!

The joy part of my day Tuesday was having my long time hairdresser cut my hair–Becky has been cutting my hair for probably almost 20 years! She wasn’t very old and not married when she started tackling my hard to cut hair. She just celebrated one of those “zero” birthdays, is married and has two children–one who is going to be a high school sophomore in the fall–where have the years gone??

Becky runs her salon like a business should be run. She is always on time, keeps her appointments and is super efficient. My appointment was for 11am and about a week ago Becky sent me a text asking if she could change my appointment to 9:15am. She never does this so I agreed and jokingly said, “only if you are bringing breakfast!” Well–look what she brought me! ❤️The muffin and cinnamon roll were divine!

Next stop was for the poor Cowboy–the dreaded dermatologist! He just has the skin type inherited from his father Nat, that is prone to skin cancers. Dr. Williams biopsied one spot and scheduled the Cowboy for Photodynamic therapy (PDT) which is a two-stage treatment that combines light energy with a drug (photosensitizer) designed to destroy cancerous and precancerous cells after light activation. The biopsied spot is right under his eye and is ouch-y!!

Emmi tagged along on Tuesday–as long as she can be with us she is a happy pooch. It’s still cool enough for her to go with us but soon it won’t be and she will have to stay home.

At Costco I purchased new towels–not because they were organic but because I loved the coral color. I really don’t see why I would need organic towels?? I buy some organic foods–milk always, sometimes fruits and vegetables–but towels? Do you buy organic towels?

Wednesday the Cowboy spent the day under the truck installing those running boards and I spent the day inside my lower cabinets–cleaning again!

Mr. Grouse is still around tormenting Emmi and calling for a lady friend. Emmi put him up on the deck railing.

We love it when our neighbors run their horses and babies in the pasture that borders ours–

Wednesday was a beautiful spring day in Montana–

We have returned to our regular programming without even a hint of politics. Life is good!

16 thoughts on “Regular Programing

  1. Busy busy busy! Reminds me of when we had two houses and the apartments. 3 of everything. I still have bottles of stuff that have apt written in marker on the lid. Like masks, you buy organic towels for others, not to protect yourself. Grown organically is better for the planet. Cotton is notoriously pesticide intensive.


  2. Poor Mike! Is PDT when they burn the whole skin on the face to kill any cancer that might come?
    Sounds like your enjoying Montana life, once again!


  3. I was fortunate to find a good hairdresser in Sierra Vista, although I still miss my long-time stylist in California! You two make me feel so lazy :-)) The grouse, the horses, the mountains – wow, amazing pics Janna. I try to buy organic when I can to support reduced chemicals being used on our trampled planet.


  4. It makes so much sense to have all of the things you need in both of your homes. No way could you haul all of those tools back and forth! Sounds like you are busy settling back in to your beautiful place in Montana. What wonderful views you have!
    Oh, and we buy organic towels/sheets/clothing when we can find them, too, for the same reasons Sue and Jodee mentioned. I would love to get some of those coral colored towels!


    1. We hauled those tools and much more when we traveled back and forth in a 40 foot motorhome but now it’s time for another travel method. So much for the organic, coral colored towels–I washed the towels FOUR times and dried them FOUR times and they were still so linty–I had pink lint everywhere! The towels are going back to Costco.


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