“It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.” ~Thomas Jefferson

A friend posted the above on social media and I like it very much–the Cowboy and I have a lot of tranquility in our lives and as you all know we certainly have MUCH occupation!

We don’t watch very much TV–almost none in Montana and very little in Arizona. We don’t watch Fox News or CNN with all their talking heads and conspiracy theories. We don’t listen to talk radio for the same reasons. We chose what news we want to read from the internet and we take it with a grain of salt–all of it. We vote and that’s all we can do. Nothing else we do can change the outcome of any election or the direction of the politicians. We don’t donate to political causes–did that once, and were burned, not doing it again. Are we happy with the current administration–no–but there is nothing we can do so why worry ourselves into what I call a “stew?” Why worry about something we can’t change? We like the tranquility of our lives together; we both have no trouble sleeping–there is something to be said for sleeping well at our ages!

On the way to Livingston late Saturday afternoon to meet Sarge and Sarah for an early dinner the storm clouds were brewing into strange formations–

Taken through a dirty windshield.

I had no more than taken this photo and we were driving into the eye of the storm–black clouds, incredible wind, rain and snow. Exciting! The weather these days we call “spring in Montana.” One day it’s beautiful, the next day it snows, or one hour it is beautiful and the next hour it’s snowing. It is still good to be back in Montana!

The missing piece of countertop is now installed in our Arizona home and let’s just say I’m no more impressed with Lowe’s and their countertop install company Stone Systems than I was when we first started the project way back in late February! And I’m very glad to be done with both companies!

Sunday we spent the day being bums–I fed us and walked Emmi. About 4pm we decided to take a drive up the Boulder–it’s still wintry up there–no leaves on the trees and very little green grass. We did see a few elk and a whole lot of deer.

We wish all our friends and family a happy Mother’s Day!

10 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. Your spot on about the news and politics! I feel we’re in the Twilight Zone show, waiting to for it to end! It’s a waste of time and energy!
    The cloud looks interesting, nothing like Mother Nature to give a show.


  2. Tranquility. But for how long? What ever is going on, like it or not like it, is coming to a “theater near you”. Then what? You mention that the only thing you can do is vote. How did that work out for you? Or for many of us. We have a lot of tranquillity in our lives these days as well. But make no mistake. Changes are coming. And the outlook is not so “tranquil”. But you’re right. There’s nothing you can do. Until change comes a block’s. Oops! Another conspiracy theory. Sorry.


    1. Good points Ed! Funny how some folks only choose tranquility now… Over run borders, gas prices through the roof, fastest rising consumer costs since 2009 and folks choosing to stay on unemployment over getting a job. Voting does have consequences.


  3. Haven’t watched the news in many years and wish people would roll up all their signs and flags and nonsense and let us all enjoy the tranquility of making our own choices. So much beauty and peace to appreciate 🙂 Those clouds are definitely ominous!! Hope you have a nice long Spring. We’re loving the cooler temps along the coast.


  4. Such a difference between your Arizona digs and your Montana home. Wow. Still looks like winter up there, except I know that winter in Montana doesn’t look anything like these photos.


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