We are home in Montana–cooler by far, greener by leaps and bounds and with much cleaner air. The wind and dust in Arizona coupled with the dryness was getting to both of us.

Those readers who are friends on Facebook know we flew home. Dan and Louanne took us to Tucson Sunday afternoon and we flew out on Delta Airlines leaving about 7:30am Monday morning. We landed in Bozeman at 12:29pm.

Why did we fly? We were both weary of spending three to four days each way just to get to our homes on either end of the country. Just the thought of loading and unloading a RV was discouraging. We’ve traveled every route possible and have seen all there is to see. So, the motorhome acquired new owners in late March.

I can hear all of you saying, “not again!!” 😁 By the time we had driven that huge motorhome to Arizona from Montana we both said, “what were we thinking??” We don’t need a 40 foot motorhome to drive back and forth between our two homes. In fact we just proved we don’t need to drive anything!

Logistics were difficult–suitcases will not hold the Cowboy’s tools, all our clothes or all my yarn! And suitcases will most definitely not hold the CanAm! We decided if the item needed to be transported back and forth each time, it stayed in Arizona and would be replaced in Montana. That made packing a bit easier.

Flying was so much easier–Emmi was a trooper helped along with a little dose of calming meds. Lonn retrieved us from the airport, we had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Livingston and made a quick stop at the grocery store. All was well at our home and we settled in quickly unpacking suitcases rather than a 40 foot motorhome.

Tuesday the Cowboy spent the day trying to make his 1997 diesel pickup run with no success. Dang it! I ran the washer/dryer non stop laundering all the sheets used to cover the furniture while we are gone. Emmi enjoyed her walks and playing on the green grass. No leaves on the trees yet but the fields and yard are starting to show green.

Mr. Grouse trying to woo a lady!

And two cute kiddos–our granddaughter Katie captioned this photos–“Mediocre branding help–expert snackers.”

Wednesday we spent the entire day and then some in Billings. Costco broke the bank as it always does when we restock the pantry. Walmart also didn’t help the bank account! Our car could not have held another thing!

We dined at our favorite Billings restaurant, CJ’s and the food was so good! Maybe when you don’t have to cook it yourself it’s better??

I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon I saw last fall for my knee. Remember my cranky hip–well it’s still cranky as in still very painful. I saw an orthopedic surgeon in early December and had a few physical therapy visits with no relief. Time to see someone I trust–Dr. Fischer at Billings Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. The hip x-ray is normal and due to my specific symptoms Dr. Fischer thinks I have ischial tuberosity bursitis. OK–you might ask what the heck are your ischial tuberosities??? Well–they are your sitting bones located at the very bottom of your hip joints and mine hurt! We are going to try some more physical therapy and maybe some massage therapy.

Emmi was once again a trooper–soon it will be too warm for her to accompany us but today was a cool, cloudy, rainy day in Billings.

Life is indeed good!

14 thoughts on “Montana

  1. Having bursitis on your sitting bones would not be good. Mine is more on the side of my hip bone, laying on that side in bed can feel like there is a marble between me and the mattress. Surprisingly exercise helps.
    Good luck with the therapy I hope it helps you a lot.
    You have certainly gone through RVs the last couple years looking for the best solution, looks like stepping outside the box was what you needed.
    Congratulations on all the progress you made in the AZ house. Now you can take time and relax in Montana.


    1. Bursitis does hurt doesn’t it and exercise does help mine too–if I don’t do the yoga, I really hurt and can hardly move. And yes, we just haven’t found the right RV–this time we are just looking for something small and simple that we can use in Montana.


  2. Jim and I will still be using the little trailer for our journeys back and forth. But for us, the journey is a whole lot of the fun. I did try to suggest once we leave the little trailer in Montana but Jim wasn’t impressed with that idea. Emmi is such a sweetie. I dont remember my doctor’s name but Billings Orthopedic is where I had my busted ankle and ripped Achilles tendon fixed. They were wonderful.


  3. Glad you are Safely home with minimal problems.
    Diesels don’t like sitting for long. Once it starts it will need a good run.
    We are all having problems with our sitting bones lately.
    Be Safe and Enjoy being back in Montana.

    It’s about time.


  4. Nice to have an easy trip home! No unpacking!!! I’m sure your enjoying the cool air and green sights! Don’t work to hard.


  5. I totally understand and agree with your thoughts on RVing and flying. When we had our Congress house we talked about doing that as well. . Those long gruelling days on the road were fun and exciting in the first 6 years of travel but not so much in the last number of years. Good for you guys in doing that. It’s a no brainer when you compare 5 hours flying to 5 days driving. Yes, it seems old age and pain go hand in hand.


  6. What a great way to get back to Montana….!!! Covering the same roads over and over to get back and forth between homes is a LOT different than exploring new territory. It is why we won’t drive to Florida again, as much as I love kayaking those waters. The hip thing is awful. I had bursitis in my hip a couple of years ago, before I was diagnosed with the IBM. Had a cortisone shot that helped and it hasn’t come back, but of course now there is all the other stuff related to the IBM. Always something I guess. People weren’t meant to live this long I guess. Ha!! Take care and no more breakdowns of the body please!!


  7. Flying seems like a very good idea for traveling between your two homes. As you said, you’ve seen everything you’ve wanted to see, and probably multiple times! Plus, packing and unpacking an RV is a PIA.
    Speaking of PIAs, I hope you get relief from your hip pain soon. That sounds awful. And so not fair, because it doesn’t seem like you sit around on your butt! 😦


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