Countertops Are Installed

Countertops are installed, sort of–

As you can see, there is a missing piece–the measuring guy who came way back on March 9th didn’t get this one section measured correctly–it fit exactly on top of the cabinet but had no overhang. And of course the situation could not be rectified immediately, oh no, we have to wait until May 6th for that section. I am not a fan of Lowe’s kitchen department and most certainly not a fan of the companies they use for installation of the countertops they sell. I do realize we live in the middle of nowhere but if you are going to take my money then you better be ready to treat your customers well.

The upper cabinet doors are almost ready–two more coats of polyurethane and the doors can be hung. The Cowboy installed the last light fixture in the kitchen on Wednesday morning. When we come back in the fall the Cowboy will install the back splash which will go all the way up to the bottom of the windows on the west side of the kitchen and cover the entire wall between countertop and bottom of upper cabinets on the east side.

My dream sink!!

While we were enjoying our coffee Wednesday morning the Cowboy spotted this herd of grasshoppers trying to dine on our trees–they were encouraged to move along!

We had lunch out on Wednesday at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Willcox and picked up a few groceries. While the Cowboy was waiting for me the clouds opened and it poured rain–there were deep puddles everywhere and I was a touch damp by the time I got to the truck. At home we had had not one drop of rain–😩.

Tuesday evening we took a drive to see the area that burned in the Cochise Stronghold back in February. Rumor has it a resident in that area was burning garbage on one of those windy days we are prone to have. The fire burned probably about 50 acres and could have been so much worse!

And no one bothers to ask this Mimi what she thinks about Millie being on that huge horse!!

17 thoughts on “Countertops Are Installed

  1. The new kitchen is beautiful. You and Michael did an amazing job on the cabinets. Nice that you can head north with this project almost totally completed. That is one HUGE horse for someone so tiny. A real cowgirl.


  2. So much work! I have enjoyed a meal with you in that lovely home, and for the life of me I can’t see much that looks familiar. I have watched your renovations for some time now, and can’t figure out where the living room and kitchen we visited are in comparison to this amazing wonder that you two have created. Lovely. Sorry about the Lowe’s thing. Ugh. My daughter also had countertop trouble with Home Depot. Glad our contractor handled all this for us. Deer. Big rats. Cute in the woods, but not in my yard…or yours!


    1. When I’m serving dinner at the table located in the main house, that kitchen you remember is a LONG walk away! I need to do a collage of before and after photos! Yep, deer don’t belong in our yards!


      1. and maybe a floor plan mockup!! Then maybe I could get the whole picture. But you are leaving soon anyway, so I’ll just have to picture the Montana place.


  3. It all looks great. I know you’ll be happy to be done with the doors and get them Hung. Customer service? What’s that?


  4. Oh, your kitchen is gorgeous! Love the way the cabinets and counters turned out. I think we have the same sink. 🙂 You might already know this, but I discovered that rubbing the sink with mineral oil after cleaning and drying it helps to keep it from water spotting (we have very hard water here).


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