And The Winner Is

The automatic number chooser (aka, the Cowboy) has chosen Terry R. as the winner of the KURU shoes. I will be reaching out to Terry for a shipping address and hope her husband enjoys those shoes as much as we both do!

It’s been a busy non-stop week (what else is new??) of packing, buttoning up last minute projects, entertaining, etc. We haven’t heard from the countertop installation folks so fingers are still crossed the install happens Monday morning–if not you might be able to hear me cursing wherever you may live!!

Saturday we hung the only upper cabinets the kitchen will have–that’s hard work! The Cowboy does most of the work but I help lift, hold, fetch–whatever I can do to help him. The upper cabinet doors have not had their polyurethane applied and I’m not sure I will get them all painted before we leave–time will tell.

On Friday our long time friends Ralph and Angie came for a visit and late lunch. You may remember, Ralph is our friend who had a tough go with covid and I wrote this blog post about their love story. Ralph continues to improve but he’s definitely not back to his pre-covid self! We enjoyed a fabulous lunch and a nice, long visit. They will stay in Tombstone for the summer taking some short trips to cooler destinations. It was so good to see them!

It’s a warm, warm day in sunny Arizona this Sunday. Early in the morning the Cowboy spent some time on the roof. Saturday morning while enjoying our coffee we heard this awful screeching sound coming from the stove pipe attached to our wood burning stove. Seems a bird thought it might be a good idea to investigate the stove pipe–not–he ended up in the stove. We fashioned a catch pen around the stove–an old sheet secured with clothespins, both of us donned gloves, slowly opened the door, and let the bird fly into the sheet where the Cowboy caught him. Released outside the bird flew away probably thinking–“that was a close call!”

On Sunday morning I lifted the Cowboy up onto the roof where he attached poultry wire around our stove pipe cap so birds can’t commit suicide by falling into the stove when we are not here. Crisis solved!

Sunday evening we are dining at the home of our friend Janice–we do eat well!! Thank you to those who entered the KURU shoe drawing and thanks to everyone who continues to read this blog of ours!

14 thoughts on “And The Winner Is

  1. Thank you for your generosity! I told Nick I won the shoes for him and he immediately went to Kuru’s website. He is very happy with the reviews and is looking forward to the relief! Now I need to order mine! Happy Days!!


  2. With the temps on the rise this coming weekend, its time to head north. Fingers crossed for new countertops today.


  3. I have a pair of KURU in the shopping cart waiting to know where I can receive them down the road. You should be getting commission! That kitchen is going to be a show piece with those gorgeous wood cabinets! I can’t believe you still don’t have your countertops!!! Fingers crossed they’ll be in as scheduled (bummer you’ll have to leave them behind for months). Lucky bird you two knew how to safely rescue them.


  4. I’m so glad you rescued that poor bird—and are preventing more wayward birds from taking a wrong turn. Your home looks wonderful, and I can only imagine how busy you are as you wrap up projects for this year.

    Thank you for writing about the KURU shoes…I’m ordering a pair, too! 🙂


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