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Have you ever tried Kuru shoes (only sold online). I have found the Quantum best for heel pain. Have been wearing that style for about 3 years. Free shipping and free returns. Good luck. It is miserable when it hurts to stand up!–Marlene, a blog reader, left this comment on the March 7th post I wrote about plantar fasciitis. I responded to Marlene’s comment by saying no I had not tried this brand of shoes but would the next time I was looking for shoes. I had just purchased a pair of sneakers to use with the inserts and wasn’t in the market for more shoes at the time.

Not long after that blog post I received an email from Kelly, the marketing and communications director for KURU Shoes. She offered to send “the Cowboy and the Belle” each a pair of KURU shoes of our choosing from their online only catalog. We were awed by the offer, chose shoes and Kelly had them quickly shipped.

The Cowboy’s shoes were too small and Kelly quickly sent a replacement–WOW!!! When I returned from Arkansas I tried the shoes and my pair fit. These KURU shoes are amazing!! Totally amazing!!

The Cowboy has chronic ankle pain–severe ankle pain to the point he has trouble walking at times. He was having to walk Emmi a couple times a day while I was gone and had resorted to walking her in the air boot cast he has for times when the pain is so bad. The ankle has been broken three times over the course of his life and probably has major arthritis. He wore the KURU shoes the first day for a few hours and—–NO MORE ankle pain!! He continues to wear the shoes and still no ankle pain.

KURU Shoes has it right–there is support in the right place in these shoes–your heel stays where it should and the arch support is in the right place. They are without a doubt the most comfortable shoes ever! We have concrete floors and are on our feet for hours every day–as you all know!–and neither of us has foot/ankle pain when wearing the KURU shoes. We both chose the Chicane style and here you see us wearing our new shoes as we head off to Home Depot.

KURU shoes is an online only store offering free shipping, free exchanges and free return shipping. They advertise themselves as the “world’s most comfortable shoe” and we would agree with that slogan!

KURU promises the world’s most comfortable mens shoes and womens shoes, ensuring maximum comfort and superior support. Our patented KURUSOLE technology adapts to your feet and cradles your heel for unprecedented comfort and cushioning.

Optimized for comfort, KURU shoes bring joy into everyday activities for thousands of people just like you. Experience a quality of life never before realized with our comfort shoes for work, sports, or casual wear.

KURU has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands previously suffering from foot pain. Something so powerful it can banish away foot pain is more than a shoeโ€”it’s a KURU” (copied from the KURUfootwear.com website)

We are looking forward to trying more of these shoes–the company has not only sneaker/hiking type shoes but also sandals and dress shoes. I LOVE shoes much to the Cowboy’s dismay!๐Ÿ˜

It is warm and windy in Arizona and we are puttering along finishing up last minute chores as it’s almost time to head north. The cupboards were bare and we made a grocery run to Sierra Vista on Tuesday for fresh produce, etc. to get us to departure day.

14 thoughts on “KURU Shoes

  1. So glad you found some comfortable shoes, for years, I wear my inside shoes when doing household chores. We are in SD, and it’s cold@#!


    1. We both wear shoes inside the house–slippers in the morning and evening but shoes the rest of the day. My slippers are special Crocs for plantar fasciitis. I loved to go barefoot but can’t do that any longer! We are heading to Montana soon and it’s cold plus it’s snowing!


  2. Hi again, I am so pleased that you followed up on my suggestion regarding KURU shoes. And that you found them comfortable. What further amazes me is how KURU knew I had written to you!!! Technology constantly amazes me.


    1. Someone is watching us all the time–a long time ago I experienced the same thing when I criticized a doctor from Billings Clinic in Montana in a blog post! The next thing I knew the doctor was calling me but I stood behind my complaint and did not remove the criticism from the blog. Thanks for the suggestion Marlene–it was a good one!


  3. Thank you for sharing about the Kuru shoes.
    I certainly will go to their website and check
    them out!
    If our feet hurt we are in a pickle for sure.
    Amazing how quickly these shoes helped
    the Cowboy .
    Nice that you will have the big, comfortable
    motorhome to travel in. Some inside pictures
    would be fun.
    Not springtime in Montana?…..sorry ๐Ÿคญ


  4. I love Kuru shoes. I have been wearing them for about 5 years. So glad you tried them and love them. Enjoy pain free feet.


  5. After your post and Marlene’s comment I too bought some of the Kuru shoes. Those have become my inside shoes and I’ve found my energy level stays higher during the day since my feet don’t hurt. Still breaking them in.


  6. Nothing like having a shoe that takes away the pain. That’s awesome that Michael’s shoes took his foot pain away. And how neat that the company reached out for you to try their shoes for free. Happy stepping!


  7. Sore feet are the worst! What a great happy ending to your post about your issue ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have to check out that website. It was smart of them to reach out to you!! Safe travels when your launch day comes. We’re so excited to be traveling again.


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