Back In Arizona

We aren’t night people and if that makes us old, so be it! Neither of us likes to drive at night but Saturday it was a necessity. Southwest Airlines has poor connection times going and coming from Tucson to Little Rock, Arkansas. My dear brother took me to Little Rock Saturday afternoon and I flew home to my Cowboy and little Emmi. It’s hard to say who was more glad to see me! The plane arrived at 9:45pm and by the time luggage was retrieved and we were home and in bed it was midnight–UGH! Of course we were both awake with the sun–another UGH!

The Cowboy has been having trouble sleeping much later than 5am due to barking dogs–another UGH! He’s one of those people who sleeps very lightly–years of sleeping with one eye and both ears open for loose horses in hunting camp! If the horses left, you walked and the Cowboy at that age was allergic to walking! Our windows are open at night, thus he hears the dogs. I sleep with ear plugs as I too am a light sleeper but the Cowboy can’t use earplugs. In Montana we have no neighbors and no barking dogs.

Mom and I enjoyed being together so much. We knitted a lot and she is progressing well–I also made great progress with my shawl knitting!! I cooked and we ate too well!! We shopped and dined out–I’m a better cook than any of the cooks in the restaurants where we ate! I saw cousins and aunts I haven’t seen in years–another good. Visiting with my immediate family, sharing meals–it’s all good. There is a tight bond in my family and living so far away is hard but I have a life I love with the Cowboy and Emmi–we just make it work.

I found a package of frozen blackberries in Mom’s freezer and created this amazing blackberry cobbler!

Sunday was kind of a day of rest. I unpacked, ran a few loads of laundry and bathed one grubby little pooch. Our time in Arizona is coming to a close and it will be time to head back to Montana in just a few weeks. The countdown is on to use everything in the freezers of both refrigerators. We may get a little tired of beef–not a chance said the Cowboy!

I grew up on the farm my great grandfather purchased in 1900. My grandfather inherited the farm and passed it on to my brother who still raises hay and cattle. It’s home. It’s where the majority of my immediate family lives–on the farm. This time of year the grass is vivid green, the trees are almost completely in leaf and everything is blooming–including the dang pine trees. When it rains, the puddles are yellow with pollen dust.

That’s my sister and brother in law’s house across the road from Mom’s. It was evening when I took this photo and I loved the color.

I joined the ladies (Louanne, Janice and Mo) at Linda’s Sunday afternoon for happy hour. It was great to see everyone but I faded fast–it’s going to be early to bed for me!

10 thoughts on “Back In Arizona

  1. Wonderful family history and roots. Many of us aren’t so lucky. I know it must be hard being away, but I also know you would never trade your beautiful Montana/Arizona live with your Cowboy. Sweet stuff. That cobbler looked great. Mo says that about my cooking, too, not many restaurants she likes as well. Glad you are home safe and sound and hoping the Cowboy’s shoulder is doing well.


  2. So glad you had such a wonderful time visiting family. I can imagine the three of you were all equally excited to be together again. It’s always great to get back home. I saw that you said above that Michael’s shoulder was doing better. That’s good news. Oh…barking dogs!! It was barking dogs and slamming RV doors that drove us away from full-timing. People are so inconsiderate early morning and later night. We do have a lot of barking dogs in BC but none that up early. Welcome home!


    1. People are inconsiderate everywhere–barking dogs are a nuisance anywhere we’ve been whether it’s RVing or sitting still.. My family in Arkansas deals with a bunch of barking dogs all the time and they live 10 miles out in the country.


  3. We too have a morning barker about 1/2 mile away – doesn’t last long so I think it is reacting to the household leaving for the work day. I rarely hear it with my ear plugs and Bill is already up so we’re lucky.
    Lucky you to find that balance between your here and there lives. What a beautiful property with all those amazing trees!


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