Too Much

Monday morning not so bright and early (my friend Jane has never been a morning person) Jane, Paul and the two pooches headed down the driveway. I heard from them later in the day and they had landed at a Cracker Barrel for the night having experienced some awful roads, so rough that it sheared the bolts off one of their small couches which was attached to the wall. Tuesday afternoon they made it to Evanston, WY and were halted by a closed I-80 due to the snowstorm in Wyoming and Colorado. Wednesday afternoon they were finally home. Stressful travel!

After our visitors departed I cleaned the house a bit, the Cowboy changed out a light switch and swept the cabinet making room–and that was it for his shoulder. The shoulder was really painful Monday afternoon and evening to the point we were considering a visit to the ER on Tuesday. After a careful massage from his dear wife and a hot shower he could lift his arm over his head–this was a first since last Wednesday. Tuesday he worked on the cabinets–building and even sanding a couple cabinet doors. The shoulder is very sore and now his neck is bothering him. Between the two of us we only have about one half of a body that’s not painful!

Tuesday I applied some more polyurethane and cooked a fabulous lunch–meatloaf, mashed potatoes, asparagus and salad. It was so, so good.

The wind is trying to blow us to New Mexico again. Tuesday was a miserable day–so incredibly windy with a high temp of 50 degrees. I hung some jeans on the clothesline and let me tell you it didn’t take very long for those to dry! But Wednesday the wind was gone and it was about 66 degrees and sunny–a perfect day!

And as if I didn’t have enough to worry about with the Cowboy and his shoulder Emmi decided to have bloody diarrhea–again–she had it in January. After eight phone calls to veterinarians and the emergency hospital in Tucson I finally found a clinic that would make time for us. I would have just taken her to the emergency clinic in Tucson but they told me the wait today was EIGHT hours or longer!! Instead we went to Benson Animal Hospital. We’ve been there before and weren’t impressed but today the experience was totally different. We saw a relief veterinarian and he could not have been more thorough or caring. The technicians and front office people were amazing! Very happy with our visit and Emmi is medicated and on the mend. Whew!! Are we done??

I like the last line on our invoice!

19 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. Ah…metronidazole, the miracle drug. We always travel with it, in tablet form. Stops things up nicely while the gut has time to calm down. Glad she’s feeling better.


    1. Hmmm–the first time Emmi had metronidazole she went into full blown pancreatitis, almost dying. We blamed it on the drug but now see that probably wasn’t the case. She received a much smaller dose of metronidazole in January and it worked wonders. I told Mike today that when we get home to Montana I am going to ask our fabulous vets to give me a travel supply! If we don’t get her to a vet soon after the bloody diarrhea starts we are looking at pancreatitis–not a good thing.


  2. Oh goodness…you are right, too much at once. Hope the Cowboys shoulder heals, your foot and knee get better, and thank goodness Emmi got good care. Whew. Wind…Gaelyn has talked about it a lot lately. Family Dan and Chere are in Phoenix and its 80 degrees. Hope they don’t have a hard trip back to Oregon bywY of Winnemucca.


    1. So sorry you are having trouble with WordPress–I don’t think it’s something I can change. I was scheduled to leave today for Arkansas and postponed the trip until next Wednesday–everybody in this household better straighten up and fly right!😍


  3. Wow, so sorry for all of you. It seems that seeing a
    Doctor especially a specialist is weeks or months
    wait….. and now the Vets for our animals!
    How is the foot problems? The orthotics still
    working? Mine came two days ago….wearing a few hours
    each day. Not so comfortable…. may need the slimmer
    one. Thanks again for that info.


    1. The orthotics are working so well for me!! NO, foot pain, not at all!! I did order a pair of the slimmer ones and they were not enough so I returned them. I’m thinking of ordering another set of the orthotics–I am weary of switching them in and out of various shoes!


  4. Our Skitz is also on metronidazole on an as needed basis for her colitis with the bloody stools. We have also changed her diet to boiled chicken, white rice, veggies and cottage cheese. We dont have near the problems as we did when we fed her dog food. (Prescription)

    It takes us so much longer to recover from any injury I’m amazed he could do any sanding already. Sure hope all of you are doing much better shortly.


    1. I’ve been thinking of changing Emmi to a “people” diet too–I have another friend who has a dachshund and she cooks dog food for her baby. He shouldn’t have been doing any sanding!


  5. Judy over at makes “people food” for her little chihuahua. There’s a funny story this week about her husband Vince eating “dog food” as he packs up their Texas house to join Judy in MO. FYI.


  6. I hope all of you feel better soon. I can’t believe Michael was back to working on projects already! Well, actually, I guess I can believe it. πŸ™‚


  7. Sorry to hear that all three of you are having a rough time. Glad Emmi and Michael are on the mend. I know it’s tought to keep the Cowboy down. Take care of yourselves and don’t forget to rest a little. Your poor friends certainly chose the wrong time to travel. So glad they made it safely home.


  8. Hopefully you’ve gotten it all out of the way and the family will feel better soon. We’ve only had damage from a rough road once – and that was an Interstate! Glad your friends arrived home at last. Your Tuesday lunch sounds scrumptious. These last couple windless days have been wonderful πŸ™‚


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