A Huge Whoa

Oh my goodness has March blown into Arizona! Early morning Emmi and I walk and the air is still, the birds are talking to us and the sun is shining; then it hits! About 9am every morning for the last five days or so the wind has literally howled and it has continued to howl into each night. The first couple days were warm but the last four days have been miserable–cold, wind, and even a smattering of snow!

Saturday morning’s wind brought moody skies.

Our friends Jane and Paul arrived late Wednesday afternoon from Wyoming. We’ve been eating well (of course) doing a bit of sightseeing–we took them up to the Chiricahua National Monument–and just visiting. They are not impressed with our weather–such is southeast Arizona and 4500 feet elevation!

Countertops were measured on Tuesday–yippee–the young man was knowledgeable and quick. It will still probably be another month before we see countertops.

But–it really doesn’t matter. We’ve come to a huge whoa. My number one handyman, cabinet maker, fix anything for me Cowboy is injured. He was working on a motorhome leaking air value and wrenched his shoulder. His right shoulder. This happened Wednesday afternoon late. Bless his heart, he was so incapacitated! It’s hard to dress yourself with one arm, eat with your useless left arm, etc. It’s Sunday and he’s better, not ready to build cabinets but at least he’s not trying to catch Cheerios floating in a bowl of milk with his left hand!!

Jane and Paul were to have left on Friday or Saturday–their offer on a real estate purchase was accepted after they started this trip and they would like to be home for the inspection. Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and the winter storm traveling through Colorado and Wyoming closed all the routes they might have taken to get home. So–we are still enjoying their company and they plan to depart on Monday morning.

Jane and Paul have a golden doodle eight month old puppy–Dally–and she is so, so cute–and puppy wild, Emmi is NOT impressed!

After church (for the first time in a year) we drove to Willcox and ate at La Unica–they have a semi outdoor dining patio with heaters–the food was outstanding and we enjoyed our little outing. And–it’s still windy!


15 thoughts on “A Huge Whoa

  1. Poor Michael! Sure hope his shoulder mends real soon. It’s tough to have the main handy man down. I can only imagine how tough being left handed is. We have had the same weather here. I don’t remember an entire week with grey clouds, cold, occasional showers and way too much wind!! Finally…today was perfect. Low 60’s, sunshine, and no wind. But for only day. Wind and shower return tomorrow. Ugh! Your friends might never get back home with this strange weather. Adorable puppy.


  2. Oh no. So sorry to hear about your main man’s shoulder. Hoping he behaves so it can heal. We have a labradoodle in our park that is sooo cute. And then there’s Paula’s 4 month old pup who comes to visit. Jim puts a wire fence around Skitz to protect her. Drives the pup crazy cause she can’t get to her but Skitz loves it. Hope your friends can get home.


  3. Windy and cool here also, I’ll send you mail, by throwing it in the air! I think Mike knows, an injury is the only way he can take time off from his projects!! Watch him when he’s alone😄 stay safe hope , to see ya guys!


  4. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear about Michael’s shoulder. Shoulder injuries are so painful! Glad to hear that he seems to be healing quickly, though. I had a frozen shoulder that took a year to heal after I injured it moving flagstones. Your winds sound wild!


  5. We actually had snow in Vail too! What a mix-match of weather we are having. The views from your home are spectacular! So sorry to read about Mike’s shoulder and glad to read he is healing. New countertops are on our list too. Can’t wait to see yours!


  6. So tired of the wind, fingers crossed we’ll have a break for at least a few days now. Love your pics of the dramatic skies! I agree with Geri that an injury may be the only way for Michael to take a break!! Guess we were lucky with our countertops taking less than three weeks from order to installation – it was pre-COVID so hard to compare. I’m very excited to hear our fav restaurant is open and serving outdoors!!!


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