March got a head start on the last day of February with a super cold wind blowing hard all day and into the night. On the first day of March, the wind blew but not so hard. Dust everywhere!

The original kitchen.

The Cowboy is building cabinets–the upper ones. I wasn’t going to have any upper cabinets in the kitchen but he convinced me I might not want open shelving in Arizona and that I might want the storage. Our kitchen is in the exact location of the original kitchen in this house but we did move one wall a foot or so to give us more room, creating a galley type kitchen. So, one wall will have upper cabinets and the other wall is all windows.

Kitchens can be too big in my humble opinion. I’ve cooked in kitchens which are too big and I’m exhausted at the end of the day. The kitchen in the guest house is that way–it’s too far from work counter/sink to stove and refrigerator. The Cowboy said the kitchen triangle–sink to stove to refrigerator should be 13 feet total–my new kitchen will fit these dimensions. My sister’s kitchen is a galley type kitchen and it works well. Our kitchen in Montana while not a galley type fits these dimensions and is easy to work in.

And disappointing news on the kitchen countertop front. From the beginning I have not been comfortable with the people controlling the measurement and install of the kitchen countertops. I was right to be uncomfortable. We’ve waited two weeks for the measuring people who were to come Thursday morning. Today the company called and delayed the appointment until next Tuesday. I was on the phone with Lowe’s and they gave me the number for the people in Lowe’s corporate who deal with the installation companies. We are changing course–on Thursday we are again meeting with the kitchen countertop people at Lowe’s to chose new countertops made by a different company and using a different measuring and install company. This company assured Lowe’s corporate they would be out to measure within the week of receiving the order. We will see!

Wednesday I went over to Linda’s and helped her arrange and price garage sale items. On Friday and Saturday the Geneva Street annual garage sale happens. I did some early shopping at Linda’s scoring a pair of almost new walking sticks!!

March 3rd and the wind about blew us into New Mexico today! I hate to think what the rest of March will bring!

10 thoughts on “Kitchens

  1. Ah yes, March winds and dust. Not so much here in March. Our winds come in July with thunderstorms and the fires follow. And the smoke. I love your photos too, Janna! Guess I’m going to have to pay for that Lightroom subscription sooner rather than later. Mine is acting up a bit.


  2. I agree with your feelings about a kitchen being too big. While I didn’t measure, I do believe my kitchen would be close to Michael’s traingle measurements. I hope Michael’s hurries with those cabinets. I am so excited to see your new kitchen. Love you full moon photos. Beautiful. We’ve had a lot of wind here, as well. Thank goodness our wind today help off til 2:00 so we could get our walk in because boy did it blow today.


    1. He’s almost finished with the cabinets–I keep saying that, but he really is. Now is I could just get some countertops! I had hoped to have the kitchen finished before our trek north but after yesterday I am not so sure–I was so disappointed! Our wind was incredible yesterday and even into the night!

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  3. I agree that kitchens can be too big. We have a galley kitchen here in Florida and left it that way during the remodel with a few modifications. It’s easy to work in and has a good work triangle. I don’t think it’s even 13 feet! But there’s lots of counter space, which is essential.


  4. I was afraid that moving the frig to the other side of the dining area would be an issue, but at only seven steps from the island it’s been okay. I’m so bummed your counter installation with Lowe’s hasn’t gone well. Guess we lucked out! Hope things get back on track now – I’m as anxious as you and everyone else to see it all done 🙂
    Great moon pics!


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