We Take A Trip

Well, I took a trip-with Louanne and we had an amazing time!! My second vaccine dose was scheduled for this past Wednesday in Glendale, AZ, a three hour drive from us. I tried my best to find a place in Tucson to receive the Pfizer second dose with no success so road trip it was! Not only did I get my second vaccine injection but we shopped, dined well and not so well and we laughed! It was fun to get away to the big city!

Louanne should have found a larger cart!

The vaccine appointment was once again seamless–drive in, drive out and I had absolutely no reaction to the second injection. One of the volunteers moving vehicles along in line told me they had many people flying to Phoenix from California to get the vaccine as the powers that be in California weren’t moving the vaccine quickly enough. Many of our friends in this area have now received at least their first dose so Arizona is moving right along.

I liked this little sticker they gave me and the band aid they stuck on my arm said the same thing.

Well, the destructive gophers killed two of our trees we planted last spring eating the roots and also girdling the tree above ground. Those trees were about 4 feet tall! We could keep the gophers from eating above ground but not below ground. Time for destructive action against the gophers. As of Sunday morning the score is Us 2 and gophers 0! It’s hard to grow anything in the southwest! If it’s not the gophers, it’s the rabbits!

While I was gone the Cowboy took a motorcycle ride and worked at getting the lower kitchen cabinets leveled and attached to the walls in preparation for Lowe’s coming to measure for countertops. On Saturday I attempted to eradicate some of the dust that had collected in this house. Not only is it dry and dusty in Arizona but all the cabinet construction generates even more dust. It’s an ongoing battle that won’t end until construction ends. But we sure do love our new living/dining room!–it’s worth a bit more vacuuming!

During my absence the Cowboy had some excitement–the fire was put out quickly and we never heard how it started.

Our Montana friend Larry stopped by Friday evening–he owns a place outside Douglas. He left Montana during some of that nasty weather they had a couple weeks ago and said it was a tough trip. There are many miles between Montana and southern Arizona and if the roads are bad, those miles seem longer!

I’ve washed a mountain of clothes and applied polyurethane to more cabinet door and drawer fronts. I finished the refrigerator panels in the motorhome and you wouldn’t know they were ever covered with that burl veneer. I’m becoming a polyurethane applying expert–ugh!

Sunday afternoon I joined the ladies at Linda’s for drinks and appetizers–it’s always a fun gathering!

This cool photo was taken by JenMarie RdWright in Big Timber, Montana. She gave me permission to share. The engines are owned by Montana Rail Link. The first one states “Thank You Veterans” and the second one states, “Thank You To All Essential Workers.





14 thoughts on “We Take A Trip

    1. We were just discussing that at the ladies gathering yesterday afternoon–I’m very fortunate to have been retired since I was 54 years old! One of the ladies asked me how I managed that and I said, “I married well–an older man!”😆


  1. Sounds like a good time! Would it be ok if we meet up on Thursday? If you need more time, that’s ok also! Whatever is good for you 2. Take care, Rawn Stone


  2. So happy your second vaccine went well. Hurray!
    Sorry about the trees, very discouraging.
    Maybe show us your handiwork in the motorhome.
    I’m sure we will get to see those wonderful cabinets!
    Busy days.


    1. It was so discouraging to be able to pull those poor little trees right out of the ground as they had no more roots. Once those cabinets are finished there will be lots of photos!


  3. We have gophers big time here in my area. They killed a gorgeous 20 year old Golden Chain tree last winter. When it was replaced, the new tree was placed into a wire cage that stops the gophers from getting the main roots like they did on the Golden Chain. One year later and the new tree is doing well. Cage was purchased at the nursery, however I am sure your Cowboy could make them using the smaller chicken wire material.


    1. Oh that’s really discouraging! We thought they only ate young trees!!! It is so incredibly dry in Arizona–the gophers have never bothered the trees until this year and we think it’s due to there being no other source of green–so they ate the roots. We have yet to mow since arriving in October and we usually have to mow the grass/weeds at least three times a season. It’s scary dry.


  4. Glad to hear your second shot went so good. I get mine this morning. Just curious – where was the not so good eating? Stupid gophers.


    1. Stupid gophers is right! The not so good eating was something you don’t eat–pizza–and it was expensive and awful!! We had it delivered to the condo. Louanne has been ill since we came home on Thursday and we are thinking she had a healthy dose of food poisoning from the pizza.


  5. Oh, I hope she is better! Food poisoning is so awful. Very easy to get from cheese, if the restaurant isn’t careful.
    Funny to hear that the Sonoran Desert is “scary dry.” I remember a college teacher telling us (in the 1970s) that he knew of a place on the Mojave Desert that hadn’t had measurable rain in 54 years.


  6. A fun girls day and your second vaccine done, lots to celebrate! I love Home Goods! I dream of new plantings here but dread the challenges of keeping them alive 😦 We’re so dry, I’m glad to see any fire being put out quickly.


    1. It is definitely a challenge to keep anything alive in this desert but then I struggle with keeping stuff alive in Montana with the severe cold, short growing season and the wind. I too LOVE Home Goods!


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