Snow–But Not Here

Monday in between feeding us I managed to catch up with all my mending. Curtains needed hemming, jacket cuff stitching needed repair, etc. All done and put away–a good feeling–until the Cowboy said, “do you think you could hem some of my jeans?”

The Cowboy is a Wrangler man and Wranglers have gone the way of most other things–made in foreign countries and not made well any longer. We order him the exact same jeans he has worn for years and we may or may not get jeans that fit. The last batch were the same length he’s always worn and he could actually stand on the bottom of the jeans–that’s how much too long they were. A couple washings and the jeans weren’t quite so long but they are still too long–so back to the sewing machine!

The Cowboy is making great progress with the lower cabinets and on Wednesday we drove to Sierra Vista to meet with the Lowe’s cabinet people. We chose a beautiful quartz countertop and someone should be calling us to come measure soon–exciting! The countertop specialist was very helpful and attentive–a much better experience!

This is a photo taken from my phone weather app Tuesday morning–

Seldom do you ever see those kind of temperatures in Arkansas and over the last three days they also have this–12 inches of snow–something rarely seen in my home state. My sister took this snow photo–

At least the family still has electricity. I feel for all the people without power and water in this widespread storm. It’s a doozy!

We had lunch at Culver’s as we had Emmi with us then we drove to the wood shop to buy more hickory to finish the cabinets. Back home we visited via telephone with Larry and Geri and rested our eyes.

It was a chilly, blustery day again in our corner of Arizona and it’s not even March!

16 thoughts on “Snow–But Not Here

  1. Dave is a Wrangler guy and we’ve found the same problems….all though the solution isn’t the same…..I don’t sew so back they go and we keep trying until we find ones that are the right size, even though they say they’re the right size on the tag!


  2. My godfather was a “difficult” size to match to pants so he always had them hemmed. He also had a gazillion pants of the same brand in three colors. When he passed I held several garage sales to purge most of his belongings. A man came to the first one and bought one pair of pants. He came back before I closed and asked if there were any more pants. He bought every pair! Said he could never ever find pants that fit and these were perfect πŸ™‚ Your Wranglers reminded me of him, you’d thought he had found gold!! Michael’s lucky you’re handy with a needle and thread. The depth of that patio snow is incredible!!


  3. I also have the problem with Wrangler shirts and pants!!! Been wearing them for 60 years now. But what can we expect when they are made in BANGLADESH!!!!!
    Don in Okla.


  4. That’s good of you to mend the the Cowboys jeans!
    Maybe next week we will take a drive out to your place? If that works out. Take care, Rawn & Joann & Peanut Joy!


  5. I experienced the same problem with jeans. I had a pair of petite jeans from Cold Water Creek that I loved (this was years ago). I stopped in to buy another pair and decided to try them on. They were at least an inch too short and smaller in the hips. I looked at the country they were manufactured and it wasn’t the same as what I had on. The sales girl went into the back and found a pair made in the country I had on. And, they fit perfectly! The store said they never knew this could happen. So…maybe check the manufacture country against what Michael has that fit. An interesting find. That’s a lot of snow in Arkansas! Glad your family has electric.


    1. Same thing with Wranglers–a friend who sold Wranglers in her store told us to buy the ones made in Mexico. This was several years ago and it no longer works. The Mexico ones don’t fit either!


  6. I find it fascinating that Hickory is now considered a cabinet wood. Raised in the South where Hickory’s were a dime a dozen, and couldn’t be given away except to be used for smoking meat. Too hard for much else; or so they thought..
    We had sleet and freeing rain for four days, Roads were impassable. Mostly melted now. Never lost power, so we were luckier than most. Really feel for all those folks in Texas.


      1. Yes, it does. I have a friend in northwest Arkansas who’s a master cabinet maker. His “knotty hickory” cabinets can be found in the homes of many walmart executives.


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