Puttering Along

We joined the semis and vehicles on the I-10 racetrack early Thursday morning and headed to Tucson. Our first stop was Lowes where I had an appointment to talk to someone about kitchen countertops–that process was a joke and no decisions were made. Another appointment is made for next week in Sierra Vista at the Lowe’s store. We bought a truck load of groceries at Costco, had lunch at a not so great Mexican restaurant with outdoor seating and picked up another truck load of groceries at Walmart using pickup.

Friday I made Valentine candy and delivered to our neighbor Sue who lost her husband recently to covid and to Milton and Lucy–our caretakers in summer. The Cowboy worked hard at building cabinets all day long.

Saturday was a busy day for both of us. The Cowboy built cabinets and I attempted to eliminate the dust that gathers in this house which is also a construction zone. There is a sliding patio door which closes the porch/cabinet making room off from the rest of the house but that dust he is creating just seems to seep out. The price I pay for custom, beautiful cabinets at a fraction of the cost!

In the evening on Saturday we dined with Dan and Louanne. He smoked a brisket and it was to die for! Louanne, in honor of Valentines Day, made a red velvet cake–oh my!! It was such an enjoyable evening as always. I am the outlier in this group–Michael, Dan and Louanne have all had their second vaccine. I’ve only had my first but will in not too long have my second.

Sunday we celebrated Valentines Day by being bums–napping, knitting, cruising the internet. A wonderful, lazy day!

Even Emmi was enjoying the sunshine. The awful weather affecting what seems to be the rest of the US is mostly bypassing us. Our temps are cooler, the wind is terrible today but the sun is shining and it is not 22 degrees below zero as it was in Montana Sunday morning!

And we still have beautiful sunsets!



9 thoughts on “Puttering Along

  1. We aren’t doing any construction work and we are always dust covered. Love that picture of Emmi. Such a cutie. I am so looking forward to Jim and I getting our second shot. His is Wednesday. Sure do love our sunsets.


  2. Phil got his first shot thru VA and I get mine tomorrow. Phil has had two gel shots in his knee and they seem to be working. The thought of that gives me shivers.


  3. Have you decided yet what you are going to do for countertops? I was thinking you had mentioned going with concrete, but it sounds like you might be reconsidering that idea. Don’t you guys want another big project, LOL??


  4. We ordered our granite countertops from Lowes in Sierra Vista and are super happy with the final result. I went to Tucson to pick out the slab but really didn’t need to as the three offered were nearly identical. Guy came to measure first then two man crew came to install. All was quick and painless. Hope you find what you want! Still no vaccine opportunities for either of us :(, but glad you guys are nearly done. The dryness has meant lots more dust every time the wind blows!


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