One Of Us Is Vaccinated

On Tuesday we drove to Willcox where at the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy the Cowboy received his second dose of Moderna covid vaccine. On Wednesday he spent a lot of time on the couch looking at the back of his eyelids. Whether it was due to the vaccine or from lack of sleep due to dogs barking half the night–who knows. And an update–later in the afternoon he was grouting tile so if he had a reaction from the vaccine it was a mild one!

I spent some time in the motorhome on Tuesday with this nasty adhesive remover we ordered from Amazon. The panels of the refrigerator where we removed the fake burl wood veneer were still sticky. It took several applications of the remover to finally get the glue to release. Not sure what kind of glue Beaver was using back in 2000 but it sure is sticky!

And today I was back to painting–some drawers for under the sink cabinet and a couple door frames I had missed in the original round of painting. The sink cabinet will have two pull out drawers–one for the trash can and one for all the stuff that accumulates underneath a sink. That cabinet also has its first coat of polyurethane.

Lunch was hamburgers on homemade hamburger buns–so good compared to store bought buns! Served with a salad–trying to eat a little healthier again.

I’m still searching for somewhere to get my second covid vaccine closer to home but with no success. My second dose isn’t due until February 24 and I’m scheduled in Phoenix for March 1–I will keep looking–I’m struggling with why this vaccine business has to be so difficult. At the rate the vaccines are being dispensed and administered it’s going to be a very long time before everyone who wants a vaccine gets one.

Our home with the new porch at sunrise–and sunrise Wednesday morning–

On occasion I will stumble across photos of our Arizona home from 2017 when we purchased the property. The change is amazing! In the first photo the Cowboy is walking on the roof of the guest house and the brick front of the main house is in the foreground. We still had the Country Coach motorhome at that time.

In this next photo you see the front of the guest house and its non-existent roof, the main house is in the shadows to the left. When we bought this place, the two houses were not connected as they are now and they didn’t have a southwest style roof.

At some point today–remember the schnauzer Bingo who we helped find his way home–Bingo’s people left us a wonderful gift. Not sure how we missed them or how our watch dog Emmi let us miss them but we thank you Doug and Roma!

22 thoughts on “One Of Us Is Vaccinated

  1. Your before and after pictures are wonderful!
    What has been accomplished is amazing, just
    grand! I hope you feel it was all worth it, so much
    hard, hard work. Enjoy the fruit of your labors🎉🎉
    We must drive 1 1/2 hrs for our first shot, Pfizer,
    a week from now. Just want to get it done.
    Nice, ‘thank you treats’ .


  2. That’s awesome that Michael has now received his second vaccine. And even better that he didn’t have many side effects. A friend was in bed for 24 hrs with fever and total body aches then all went away. We’re still waiting on the list for the go ahead for 65+ here in town. Boulder City was going to start 65+ this week but were told to wait. Now we are waiting for them to call for the 65+. Hopefully we’ll hear next week. Hope you find something closer.


    1. Hope you get that call soon! As I said, I just don’t understand why all the hoopla–get that vaccine into the hands of pharmacies all across the nation, period! It’s obvious the states are not equipped to handle inoculating their citizens! Cochise county is not planning any more vaccine clinics–what???


  3. I understand your frustration about the vaccine. Here in MN Walmart and Walgreens have vaccine appointments starting this week. Seems to be just a matter of luck to get in online and you need an account for each one, but it was worth the hours I have spent online as I got lucky. When the screen opened to the “choose your appointment” page I was almost shaking hoping I wouldn’t mess anything up. Good luck!


    1. Walgreens is giving vaccines in Arizona but not Walmart, CVS or Kroger–why?? It is so frustrating and I think of some of our elderly neighbors who wouldn’t have a clue how to navigate Arizona’s poorly designed patient portal.


  4. I was so happy to hear the Cowboy didn’t have much of a reaction to the second dose. Jim gets his next week. Mine is also on the first out at the stadium. Saw where the governor is lifting the mask mandate in Montana. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. The changes you’ve made in the house are amazing.


    1. I’m not impressed with the governor’s decision. But lots of people in Montana are still claiming masks don’t work. Glad to hear you guys have navigated the cumbersome system to get the vaccine–here’s hoping you both sail through!


  5. Glad Cowboy was able to get his 2 shots. I hope you can get your 2nd one soon. Here in ND we were notified yesterday morning that my “old man” farmguy was qualified for today’s clinic. I contacted my doc as I am considered “too young” and she set it up so I got my first shot too.


  6. No vaccines for us yet, but our friend (over 65) is getting his first at Walgreens today. I’m encouraged to see the US has secured more doses and that some of those slated for big distribution points are being delegated to pharmacies for broader distribution.
    Did the house turn out the way you thought it was going to look? It is so beautiful and looks like it was always meant to be that way!


  7. The houses merged into one wonderful spot! Kudos….
    Dave and I managed to get our first covid shot yesterday at Walgreens in Tucson. They had so many spots available that they called us before our designated appointment times and told us we could come in anytime, they weren’t busy! Keep trying Walgreens…..


    1. Wow!!! I am going to keep trying Walgreens–Pima County does not start vaccinating 65+ people until next week so my finger is going to be on the clicker come Tuesday morning when we can start registering!! Congratulations on getting your first one!


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