A Reunion

I apologize in advance to all my Facebook friends who have all ready read this story but it’s too good a story not to share again!

Thursday was a very good day, a day of coincidences, and one lucky dog! After my walk Emmi and I were headed to the house when I heard Michael, “where did that come from???” It was a standard schnauzer, healthy looking, no collar, asleep on our golf cart seat. He was very friendly, grateful for the water I gave him but wanted nothing to do with Emmi’s expensive low fat dog food. I quickly snapped photos and posted them on our local Facebook groups. I then called the lady who knows all and everyone in our community–our friend Linda Gorton.

This part of the story is unreal–friends of Linda’s lost their schnauzer a while back, Linda wasn’t sure when. Their dog liked to ride in their golf cart. She called them, they met up with Linda and she brought them out to our house. You should have seen the reunion!! That dog, Bingo, has been missing since December 13!! We were all crying! Bingo alternated with loving on his people and jumping in the truck–he wanted to go home! We all decided that someone must have been feeding him, he looked too good to have been on his alone in the desert for more than six weeks. So, that’s my feel good story for the last few days and it brings a smile to my face every time I think about Bingo seeing his people. I wish he could tell us where he’s been these last six weeks!

Bingo disappeared while chasing a coyote. He was chipped but chips only work if the person who finds the dog is willing to take the animal to a clinic or shelter to have the chip read. Also as one friend said, veterinarians don’t routinely check for chips when people bring pets to their clinics. Emmi isn’t chipped.

The Cowboy changed course for a bit–he needed a break from cabinet making and decided to erect the porch over the guest house front door. By Saturday evening he was one sheet of metal from being finished. Seems covid has wreaked havoc with the supply of steel–the color we used on the front porch is not available anywhere. So–we punted and used some galvanized tin we had purchased for another project, changed our minds and the tin was just laying outside in the weather on a pallet. It looks great!

The Cowboy will unload the dishwasher–does your other half leave little piles of dishes he/she doesn’t know where belong?? I frequently come into the kitchen and find these cute little piles–

Yesterday I made a birthday cake–pans were too small, oven too hot, cake tastes good but geez did it look terrible! A little frosting goes a long way in making a cake look good. While making the frosting, I had cocoa and powdered sugar in the bowl of my mixer–meant to lock the mixer and instead hit the power button. Sugar and cocoa went everywhere, all over me, all over the kitchen–this photo was taken after I had cleaned up some of the mess.

I’m still knitting, still ripping out, still knitting on that shawl–at this rate it’s going to be a long time before it’s finished!

And Sunday evening we had the best time at Linda’s celebrating Janice’s birthday. The weather in Montana is frightful but in Arizona we couldn’t ask for better weather. We enjoyed drinks and appetizers on the patio in the sunshine and dinner at Linda’s perfectly laid table. We are so fortunate without a doubt to have such good friends–thank you Linda!


18 thoughts on “A Reunion

  1. The story of the dog had me in tears. How the owners must have agonized during his 6-week absence. What an incredible and lucky coincidence he arrived at your place at the right time, and his people could be reached. A lucky dog indeed..
    We can laugh and blame Kitchen Aid…the power button should be on the other side of the lock *grin*.


  2. Wow, what a wonderful story about that dog named Bingo! It touched my heart strings! Sounds like you at the right spot at the right time! I will always remember that story! Be well, and hug your doggie tonight! Rawn and Joann Stone& Peanut Joy!


  3. Loved the story of the “found” puppy when you shared on Facebook. Love happy endings. I laughed so hard when I saw the little pile Michael left after unloading the dishwasher. John does the same thing here. When we are in the MH he leaves the pots and pans on the sofa for me after he does the dishes. I guess we can’t complain. You are being so persistent with the shawl. Don’t forget an after photo of the finished porch patio roof. Sorry about your cake/frosting difficulties.


  4. I also enjoyed Bingo’s story and happy ending…we definitely need more more stories like that these days! I chuckled about the “little piles“. Sometimes I leave little piles for Joe too…screws, bolts, keys, change! Gay


  5. Mine leaves stuff on the counter too after dishes. But, we have been in this house for 27 years and he can’t remember where the cookie sheet goes???


  6. LOL I guess it’s a common thing…Eric unloads the dishwasher and doesn’t know where everything goes, but instead of leaving little piles for me he puts stuff away “creatively” and I spend a lot of time hunting.
    Such a sweet story about reuniting Bingo with his family!


  7. Lucky Bingo that he found your golf cart! Such a wonderful reunion story 🙂 Bill will load the dishwasher occasionally but hasn’t graduated to unloading yet. That porch cover is going to look so good. I was telling friends about your amazing transformation just last evening. Can’t believe it’s almost done :))))


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