This sunrise photo was taken Tuesday morning with my iPhone–sometimes I like the photos I take with the phone better than the ones I take with the Nikon!

Monday was a blur of chores as was Tuesday. The cabinet maker took a break from sanding and sawdust to start work on the other porch roof–the one which will hang over the guest house front door.

Wednesday way too early we left in the dark–something we just don’t do any more–and headed to Phoenix–three hours one way. The state of Arizona has been allowed to give covid vaccines to those 65 and older but it is left up to each county and facility as to whether they will or won’t. The two state run massive vaccinations sites in the Phoenix area were the only sites allowing registration for those of us 65 and older. There are some smaller hospitals such as in Benson and Willcox plus pharmacies which will vaccinate people who are 65 and older but there are no appointments available. None of the large hospitals in Tucson are offering the vaccine to 65 and older individuals so Phoenix it was.

Approaching the health question stop.

What an operation!! The appointments are scheduled every three minutes, mine was at 10:09. We drove onto the site where masses of volunteers directed us into lanes. At one stop I presented my appointment paperwork, they logged me into their system using tablets, wrote my registration number on the windshield and I was on to the next stop where I answered health questions and we received another mark on the windshield.

Approaching the “you are good to go” tents.

Next stop was the actual injection and a time, fifteen minutes from the injection time was written on the windshield. We crawled along until reaching the final tent and we were released–in less than 30 minutes from when we drove onto the stadium grounds.  An amazing operation!!

A news article I read indicated the site at State Farm Stadium was staffed with volunteers from Blue Cross Blue Shield. One of the nurses who chatted with us and admired the little dog hanging her head out the truck window told me they really needed clinical people to do the injections–I would love to volunteer but would hope I could find another vaccination site closer to home!

By 3pm we were home and we even made a side trip to look at a used privately owned vehicle–which we didn’t buy. We are exhausted and bed time is going to come early tonight!

This is one set of drawers the cabinet maker has completed. There will be no lower cabinets except the one under the sink–all the other lower cabinets are drawers like these. This set is 36 inches wide. I am so excited!

27 thoughts on “Vaccine

  1. Very impressive and organized process for vaccine registration/procedure. Its details could be widely distributed in the hope that other cities follow it. Congrats on getting yours. Did they tell you when to register for the second dose?


    1. They gave me an appointment for my second dose before we left the stadium! Unfortunately I have to go all the way back to Phoenix–may try to see if I can find an appointment closer to home.


      1. Good. Husband and I would happily drive 3 hrs to get our vaccine in Canada. We’re 75 and 71, not a word (except that there isn’t any for a while…sigh). Thank you for your reply.


  2. Hurray!!! So glad you got your first shot! Sounds like Chick-Fil-A is running this site! We are on the list in Boulder City which is running its won vaccine sites for residence over 65 now. We should get called next week with our time. Do you have to go back to Phoenix for shot two?
    The cabinet is beautiful. Please tell Michael his work amazing. Lucky you!


  3. The cabinets are very nice!
    We have lots of drawers in our kitchen and
    I enjoy them so much.
    Happy to know you were both able to get
    the vaccine. Which one did they give you ?
    No side effect ?


    1. Thanks–I can’t wait to be in the kitchen in the main house–I have lots of drawers in our Montana cabinets and love them. Michael received the Moderna vaccine and I received the Pfizer–neither of us have had any side effects other than sore arms.


  4. So glad your appointment went so smoothly. It is hard to get an appointment but the places for the shots are well organized. And you get to do it again in three weeks. Oh joy.


  5. We had to drive 2.5 hours to a vaccination site for my husband, but the whole process was efficient and quick. Our county has insufficient vaccine doses, so this 65 y/o will have to wait.

    When we remodeled I did like you and went with all drawers on the lower cabinets. So much easier to access the contents.


  6. I too went to Glendale the same day as you for my vaccine. Actually I was arriving just about the same time you were leaving. I have a question, did your arm get sore? I did not even feel the injection and my arm has not gotten sore. I could feel where the injection was given but it was never sore like a typical flu shot is most times. Others I know said after the injection their arm was sore for a day. The States operation runs very smoothly I think they are doing a great job just wish everyone could get their vaccine!


    1. The person who gave my injection did not do so with finesse!😜And yes, my arm is slightly sore to touch and with movement but it didn’t keep me from spending today out working in the yard. I too wish the vaccine was more readily available to anyone who wants it.


  7. Yay, you got the vaccine! But wow, what an ordeal to get it. Three hours one way. 😦 Still, it’s worth it.
    Love your cabinets…I agree, drawers are way better than regular cabinets. Stuff doesn’t disappear into the dark corners!


  8. That sunrise was gorgeous! I hope all the vaccine sites are as efficient as the one you went to, sounds like they’ve got a good system already. Fingers crossed they open up for under 65 soon. Love the drawers, so much better than cabinets! And of course they’re beautiful to look at.


  9. Yay! I finally got appointments for Dave and I for both vaccinations at Walgreens! And, we were able to get the first shot here in Tucson and the second in Phoenix where we’ll be in March. I want to thank you so much for your help and support…I hope we’ll meet someday!


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