Snow In Arizona

My goodness the wind blew on Monday! Any snow we might have gotten has blown into New Mexico! The wind was bitter cold and taking a walk with Emmi was a miserable undertaking. Yes, we are in Arizona but we are also at 4500 feet elevation and we do have winter.

Seems I’ve caught up to the cabinet maker and my polyurethane applying skills are not needed–so I’ve been knitting–this. And I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew!

Looks like gobblygook doesn’t it! A lot of it I comprehend but am stuck on the setup row (not a good thing!)and had to ask questions of one of the knitting Facebook groups. I’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos also! This pattern is called Cinnabar by Andrea Mowry and is on Ravelry which is a knitting and crochet website. The patterns are rated on Ravelry by knitters who have actually created this piece and this pattern has an “easy” rating. Yep, bitten off more than I can chew!

But, I’ve come a long way in the knitting process! It was one of the things I resolved to learn during this lengthy covid business and I consider myself successful! I also said I was going to organize my photos and while that isn’t a finished project, I have made some progress!

Tuesday was another windy, cold and snowy day but it certainly made for great photos! Rain turning to snow overnight left us with about an inch total moisture from this storm–very welcome moisture!

Chiracahua Mountains

Wednesday dawned cold but the sun was shining and there was little wind. I spent some time finding all the various tax forms online, vacuuming and feeding us. I even helped the cabinet maker cut some sheets of 3/4 inch plywood into cabinet sized pieces–dang that stuff is heavy! He also was out in the garage using the planer to smooth some of the rough hickory we purchased. He’s always busy!

Pinaleño Mountains
The kitchen sink arrived this afternoon. Karen from RVing: The USA is our Big Backyard gave me sink envy. Karen purchased her sink from Menards–locally. If I had ordered the same sink I would have had to pay a hefty shipping fee. So, I used her idea and found a very similar one on Amazon–of course–and shipping was free. Can’t wait to see that thing installed! 

10 thoughts on “Snow In Arizona

  1. It does seem like you are getting a little too much winter. Looks like Boulder City is having similar weather. Meanwhile, here in Borrego Springs we only has one day of wind and rain (sleet and snow at higher elevations), Monday. Tuesday and today turned out to be beautiful days with brilliant sun and no wind. We are only in the high 50’s but we’ll take it. Hope you warm again real soon.

    Love you new knitting project. Sure hope you can figure everything out.


  2. We’re not anywhere near 4500′ and its still cold here. Snow on the Superstitions. But I figure all the desert plants and wildlife are doing happy dances because of the rain.


    1. I hope our poppies are doing happy dances and will provide us with some gorgeous color this spring. We made tracks to Montana last spring because of covid and missed the wildflowers.


  3. I’m loving the snow sprinkled mountains around us even as our 4 inches at the house have all but melted away. I thought about learning to knit more than a scarf and took one look at the instructions and knew it would be more than I wanted to take on!! You’re doing great and I’m sure the new project will turn out perfect.


  4. Brrrrrrr. So beautiful, but brrrr!!!! It looks like knitting is a very good hobby for you to cultivate, LOL. I’m impressed that you’re taking on that complicated project. I don’t care if they say it’s easy, it doesn’t look easy to me! Sigh. I need to get busy on my Covid projects.


  5. What gorgeous pics! Such a treat to see snow in the desert. And I KNOW you are going to rock that knitting project.



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