Are We In Arizona

All the dark clouds on Thursday brought only a little rain–three tenths. My polyurethane brush and I are becoming best friends.😝 The man in the cabinet shop has been sawing, sanding, nailing–making cabinets way faster than I can apply the polyurethane. We finished the pantry doors and couldn’t be more pleased!


I baked a cream cheese pound cake Thursday and sampled a slice (who am I kidding, I sampled several slices)–I love that cake–and that’s the reason I don’t bake it often!

My latest knitting project is off to its new home and here are some photos of projects I did over Christmas–

Our neighbor lost his battle with covid Wednesday night. Two people have died in recent days in this small community here in southeast Arizona. Our friends Ralph and Angie continue their struggle with this disease–good days interspersed with lots of bad days.

Saturday night Dan and Louanne joined us for a low key, pleasant dinner of spaghetti, good salad dressed with Ina Garten’s Green Salad Vinaigrette, probably the best salad dressing I’ve ever made! and artisan bread. Dan received Ina Garten’s latest cookbook as a Christmas gift and he introduced us to that delicious salad dressing. Dessert was the cream cheese pound cake I made earlier in the week and fresh strawberries–Fry’s had strawberries on sale and they are quite good for this early in the season.

Snow on the Chiracahua Mountains
Hills rising out of the fog.Β 

Sunday the Cowboy worked in the cabinet shop a bit and I was a knitting bum although I did apply polyurethane to two drawer fronts plus I made lunch.

It’s winter even in Arizona! Sunday was a day of rain squalls and wind. Monday and Tuesday our forecast is for rain and snow with extremely cold temps–on Tuesday night it could be 12 degrees! Brrrrr! As I publish this post, it is snowing/raining horizontally!

The power plant steam rises out of the clouds–no wind.
Sunday morning clouds and a cold pooch



16 thoughts on “Are We In Arizona

  1. I continue to be envious of your rain as we’ve yet to get more than a couple drops. Did get some snow flakes in the wind, but the clouds never dumped anything directly on us all day. Those doors are beautiful, and that cake looks and sounds wonderful! So sorry to hear of the COVID losses in your area. We’re seeing more here as well. Love the pic of little Emmi in her big world!


    1. We’ve had enough rain to settle the dust, hoping for more today and tomorrow. Mike is doing such a good job with the cabinets–he is amazing! I’m so ready for covid to go away. I gave Emmi a haircut about a week ago–she had gotten so shaggy and her fur doesn’t do well shaggy–she mats something awful–now she is cold. She has lots of coats and blankets and warm laps!


  2. Cream cheese pound cake was my favorite cake my grandma made…my mouth is watering! She would toast in the oven with butter until the edges were crispy. Your knitting is amazing. Beautiful photos Janna. And your pantry doors are perfect. It’s chilly in Tucson, but not quite that chilly! We had rain all day today and are expecting more Monday and Tuesday. Can’t complain…we sure need it. Gay


  3. Well since you have all our mouths watering you
    just β€˜may’ have to publish that beautiful cream cheese
    bundt cake recipe. πŸ€—
    The doors are very nice looking, good job!
    We are hoping for rain here…..not much so far.
    Even having to run the sprinklers a bit.
    Enjoy your pictures, always!


  4. So sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. This disease really scares me. I can’t wait to get vaccinated. Boulder City starts 70+ on Jan 25th. I hope our little community has enough vaccine for a couple weeks so I can get it, too.

    Please tell Michael his cabinet is beautiful. I love the markings on the wood. You two are quite the make over pair.

    Your hats are awesome. Somebody was very lucky!! Nice job, Janna.

    Hope Emmi stays warm with the very cool weather coming.


    1. It scares me too Pam! I have an appointment for the vaccine in Phoenix on February 3. Tucson has dropped the ball on vaccinations and our county is not much better. We were just dang lucky to hear about vaccinations at our local Medicine Shoppe in Wilcox so Mike could receive his first one. Hickory is a beautiful wood and Michael does a great job with it! Emmi has lots of coats and blankets!

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  5. I remember that pound cake! Yum! You’ve had a mild winter, as us too! Nice rain! What will Mike do when he gets the house done? Take up knitting?


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