Catch Up Post

At least I can remember what we did Friday–we took a day off! Bright and early on one of those sunny, warm Arizona winter days we met up with Louanne and Dan and headed to Rucker Canyon. Up the hills, down the rocky slopes, we bounced along all day. Emmi was a trooper and seems to be back to her old self.

Last Saturday I began work on trying to keep the dang jackrabbits from eating our pine trees. We had removed the wire cages from the trees we planted first in 2018, thinking the trees were big enough that nothing would be dining on their needles and limbs. Wrong! The bottoms of those trees are destroyed and there is tons of rabbit poop all around the base of the trees. I built new wire cages, bigger, and new dams lined with rocks to help keep the irrigation water where it needs to be. Stupid jackrabbits! It’s so dry here I think all the animals are looking for anything green but I hope they have a tummy ache from eating our pine trees!

The Cowboy completed the doors for the pantry and I’m in the process of applying polyurethane–stinky work!

The new vacuum cleaner, a Shark, came and I like it. The manual states the filters only need to be cleaned once every three months–I doubt that! Our poor UPS man, Paul has been delivering to our house after 8pm and then he has to drive home to Sierra Vista–poor guy!

Sunday evening we enjoyed another fabulous gourmet meal at Dan and Louanne’s with Janice and Linda. Dan made rolled flank steak with mushrooms, spinach and provolone cheese inside–it was divine!

Tuesday we made a run to Sierra Vista for more wire for trees and a few groceries. I donned my mask and braved Fry’s grocery store. I really didn’t need any groceries other than yogurt–which Costco did not have last week–not in two different Tucson Costco stores. And I needed apples which Walmart pickup didn’t have–really???

Wednesday was another day of chore after chore. The Cowboy worked in the cabinet shop all day, I applied more polyurethane to cabinet doors, and cooked. Late in the afternoon I ran a few errands–books to the bookstore, package to the UPS drop off and a gift to a friend.

Our forecast is for rain tonight and tomorrow–let’s hope so!



13 thoughts on “Catch Up Post

  1. Glad to see you three got away for a day of just fun. Good for you. Polyurethane is a smelly job. I need to do that to the side of a kitchen cabinet right by the kitchen window, It gets heavy afternoon sun and I noticed the other day that there is no shine at all. I defintely need to get it protected with our dry climate. Good luck with all your cabinets. Our Costco didn’t have Wild Pacific Salmon or Wild Alskan Cod on Tuesday. I wasn’t a happy shopper! I still find it surprising that we still have holes on the shelves of the grocery store.


    1. I’m amazed at how empty the shelves are at grocery stores. I ordered tater tots (don’t judge) with my recent Walmart pickup in Tucson–no tater tots–are you kidding me??? Then I went to Fry’s in Sierra Vista on Tuesday–not one bag of tater tots in the freezer. What does covid have to do with the supply of tater tots??? The Costco people gave me the covid excuse for no Kirkland Greek yogurt and I asked them why the other vendors of sugar filled yogurt were not experiencing shortages–the cooler was full of Noosa and Yoplait. I asked the two guys if the Kirkland cows were on strike–they looked at me as if I were crazy.

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      1. I found tater tots, don’t judge me I love them, at Benson store Tuesday but a lot of their shelves were empty


  2. Oops, sorry I must have taken all Walmarts apples on my Monday pickup. Grandysmith and Honeycrisp. Also, couldn’t believe you knew Woodrow walking on Fremont!


    1. So it was you who took all the apples–I doubt it as I was shopping in Tucson. It’s so frustrating when they don’t even try to offer me a substitution! He isn’t hard to recognize! It was good to see him and hear his voice!


  3. Definitely keeping yourselves busy.
    Rabbits in general eat anything green so you’ll need a tall fence because Jack-Rabbits are high jumpers.
    That steak sounds tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.


  4. Hopefully you got more rain from those dark clouds that dropped very little wet on us 😦 I’m often confused by what Walmart doesn’t have on any given pick up day. Sometimes it’s pork chops and others it’s frozen peas??? It’s still better than having to go in the store (unless I must have those peas for what I’m fixing for dinner!) Sounds like you’re nearly finished with that kitchen! Once the work is done and the sunroom is no longer the shop, I see a new shop rising on the property to house all the tools 🙂


  5. I never thought about rabbits eating trees!! They try to get by with looking all cute and cuddly, huh?
    The food shortages are SO random!! For us, it’s goat brie. I know, not exactly a staple item, but still! I haven’t been able to get it since last March. It’s one of my favorites for a cheese platter. 😦


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