What A Day

Another beautiful sunrise

When I have a cleaning question I can always count on my friend Kelly’s cleaning advice–you could say Kelly is particular about clean. My cook stove has two ovens and both were in need of cleaning–it’s a self cleaning oven so that was easy but those oven racks–not so easy. Kelly to the rescue! Spray the racks with oven cleaner and put them in a plastic garbage bag overnight. Wow!!! I used the water hose to spray the racks after their soak in the bag and oh my goodness–they are so clean!! No scrubbing!!

Monday was a busy day–I stained some door trim for the Cowboy and used polyurethane on the pantry facing boards. On Sunday I washed two windows, on Monday I washed four. A few windows at a time is doable–

After much vacuum cleaner research, I caved and bought another bagless vacuum–a Shark. It’s amazing how much vacuums can cost! I remember when I paid $200 for a self propelled Hoover long ago when I was first married–that was a lot of money back then for a vacuum but that Hoover lasted probably a good 25 years before it died and handy husband couldn’t fix it. As we all know, household items don’t last these days. I had to laugh at all the comments which said something about their husbands taking the canister out to the garbage to dump it. My husband may be handy but cleaning is not his strong suit!🤣

Tuesday morning in the wee hours Ms. Emmi developed tummy issues and the two of us took several trips outside in the dark and cold. So Tuesday was non existent for me–I spent a large portion of the day wandering aimlessly, trying to nap and generally not getting anything accomplished. I did feed us. Emmi is much better–don’t know what happens as she does not have access to any people food or garbage–only her expensive dog food and I even give her bottled water!!

The Cowboy drove to Willcox Tuesday afternoon to receive his Moderna covid vaccine. I tried and tried to schedule him on the Arizona Department of Health website but it was a no go–couldn’t get it done–either the website is malfunctioning or there are no appointments available in our county or even in Tucson.

I was able to use the state website to schedule him in Glendale, AZ of all places but really didn’t want to drive that far! Friends Linda and Janice were able to schedule at the Medicine Shoppe in Benson but when I called they had used all their doses. Called Safeway, CVS–nope, no vaccine. So, I called the Medicine Shoppe in Willcox, the pharmacist sent me a link, I followed that link and was done–the Cowboy was scheduled. Now why can’t the state use something similar–simple, asked all the right questions, gave me a way to upload a photo of the Cowboy’s Medicare card, done! I called Dan and Louanne–she got the link then shared it with other friends here in our community. That app worked like a charm!!

The Cowboy has no side effects other than a sore arm. Hope my turn comes soon!

Wednesday we went to Tucson–and the day didn’t go exactly as planned. Emmi had a sudden bathroom accident in Lowe’s traumatizing herself and me! I tried calling our Tucson vet and they are closed on Wednesday so it was off to the Tucson Veterinarian Specialty Emergency Clinic. They do not take appointments, you wait–outside in your car in these times. Fortunately they weren’t very busy and were able to see Emmi within 30 minutes. Bloody diarrhea and slightly evaluated liver enzymes–possibly the beginnings of pancreatitis again. They gave her subcutaneous fluids and sent us home with antibiotics. She is eating, drinking and playing well. Wish we could figure out why our girl becomes so ill.

So, it was a long day with issues other than Emmi but we survived and are home with our feet up!

18 thoughts on “What A Day

  1. It’s so hard when they’re sick 😦 Glad she’s doing better.
    We’ve registered on the state website for Cochise County but nothing available for Bill yet. Still, it’s good to know Michael got his and there are other options for signing up!!


  2. Sorry to hear about Emmi. Glad she is recovering. It’s so hard when they can’t communicate. Hope you like your Shark. Ours is so powerful. John empties the canister but he also vacuums! He’s done it for years. Years ago I was diagnosed with bulging discs in my lower back. My PT said vacuuming was the worst thing for it. So John has been doing it for years. I don’t miss it at all.


  3. from Barb: Hope little Emmi is back to good health quickly. Thank you for that FABULOUS idea for the stove racks. It certainly makes sense! Can’t wait to try it when winter’s over!


  4. When our animals are sick it keeps both of us on edge.
    Trust she’s well again.
    I too am so happy to get the idea for the oven racks,
    will try it for sure!
    Did you research which virus shot to hope to get?
    There not so available in our area.
    I have a built in vac but thinking about a Shark for quick
    clean ups. Costco has several to choose from.
    Which did you purchase?


  5. Poor Emmi. Sounds like our issues with Skitz. Bloody diarrhea and elevated enzymes. But most of the time she feels great. She will be 17 in a couple months so we just love her as much as possible.

    Glad the Cowboy got his shot. Jim has an appointment on the 26th. Can’t happen soon enuf. Who knows when for the second shot. The AZ health website is the most cumbersome thing I’ve had to deal with in ages. What a joke.


    1. Yes, most of the time Emmi feels great! A puzzle! Are there any Medicine Shoppe pharmacies nearby Sandie? You might try calling them and see if you can get Jim in sooner than the 26th. We just happened to find out by chance about them and they take Medicare as full payment.


  6. Sorry to hear about Emmi…Hope it’s something miner.
    We love our pets! When we came to Green Valley, last Saturday night, something spooked Peanut, and we couldn’t find her…my wife Joann found her next street over, where our Canadian friends live, while we were looking for her, I think I was having a panic attack, so glad we found her! I know other other dog lovers feels the same! Good hearing from you! Take care, Rawn and Joann Stone


  7. I gifted myself with a Shark Robo vacuum. It was the greatest gift. And I love the way it gets under the beds and other hard to reach places.


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