Busy, Busy, Busy

Even though we’ve been busy, Thursday we took a day off. We joined Dan and Louanne for a Can-Am ride up into the Dragoon Mountains. The weather was perfect–blue sky sunny and warm. We didn’t go far, only up to Soren Pass stopping at the abandoned mine along the way to eat our lunch. Social distancing at its finest.

Friday we stayed way too busy all day long! The guest house living room is now ready for guests–

Quilts don’t do well folded–they develop permanent creases where folded so I decided to just leave these hanging–they bring me joy!

Sunrise on Friday morning brought me joy too!

I have such a good husband–my vacuum cleaner had developed this awful noise. I had to wear earplugs when vacuuming and even then the noise was almost unbearable. The Cowboy decided to investigate–

It’s kaput! Blown bearing in the motor and a broken brush–new parts, $45. We paid only $40 for this vacuum at a garage sale and I have always disliked it because of its weight–heavy! It was a good vacuum and now it’s time to find something else. Do any of you have a vacuum you love?? I have a Panasonic canister vacuum in Montana that I really like but it’s not made any longer.

The Cowboy started building cabinets Friday–or at least he started cutting and planing the lumber. He worked hard all day long and was one dusty, sawdust covered, exhausted man when he came in for dinner. I kept us fed and I cleaned all day long. Plus I took care of the Emmi girl.

Sunset on Friday evening.

Saturday evening Dan and Louanne along with Janice and Linda joined us for yet another fabulous meal. We had such a good time eating, laughing and talking–friends are a necessity for me. Everyone approves of our new living/dining room in the main house. Janice always brings the most original hostess gifts–I told her in these times it might be a really appreciated gift!!

The new dining room rug–

Sunday we rested–at least I did–the Cowboy puttered as always. I joined Linda, Janice and Louanne in Linda’s backyard for drinks–even though it was only 54 degrees, there was no breeze and we were sitting in the sun–heavenly. And Linda feeds the birds–amazing activity and chatter–so fun to watch.

Our friend Sandy had this quote on her Facebook page today–




16 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. I love my Dyson V7 “motorhead”. Only has 20 min power before recharging. Great excuse to not vac longer! When it was first used, I swear it pulled out 20 years of dirt that my old trusty Hoover had missed. And its clear tank lets you see the dirt that it’s picked up. Several attachments usually come with it. It’s THE BEST vac for wood floors! The filter thingy needs a rinse in tap water, then 24-hour air dry, once every month or so.


    1. I’m just not a fan of bagless vacuum cleaners. I have two lightweight battery operated ones, one here and one in Montana plus I have a big ole heavy Dyson and I just don’t like the bagless feature.


  2. Well..darn. I have a big Dyson I love: a little cordless Dyson for tge MoHo and two smaller lightweight sharks that I got when we had the apartments and the little cottage. The sharks are great: but all are bagless. Never touch the dirt. But I guess I’m no help to you at all.


  3. So glad you left your quilts hanging in the guest house. They are so beautiful. I LOVE your dining room table in the main house. I assume the ends fold down!? Nice rug! We have a Shark (and, yes, it is bagless) and we love it. It is so powerful and has the best twisiting and turning without lifting it up. We don’t mind the bagless canister. John just takes it out to the trash can and rinses out the filters. Occasionally I washout the canister. Clever hostess gift!


  4. Great pictures of you home. Fantastic looking dining table. We have had an Oreck upright vacuum for YEARS. Lightweight, and has a bag. It does a great job on our wood and tile floors. Not sure if they still make them, but might be an option.


  5. The quilts look happy there. I always (used to) see quilts for sale folded over large hangers. Do those fold marks never come out? The table looks so nice in that bigger space. And a round rug in those colors would be perfect for our table! Your skies are so pretty.


  6. Love your blog. I have a Dyson animal upright vacuum as well as a Dyson V6 stick vacuum. They really keep carpet or floors really clean. Best vacuum I’ve ever had. Have had them for 4 years.


  7. I’m not any help either as I prefer bagless too! Joe uses the air hose to blow it out and I do rinse the filter a couple times a month…we have lots of doggie fur to vacuum!

    Your dining room table is beautiful and the colors in the rug are gorgeous!

    Love Sandy’s quote! Gay


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