Big Changes

Mondays are blah–even though I’ve been retired for years–Mondays are still blah in my humble opinion. It was me doing the “honey do’s” on this past Monday–I stained some door trim and re-stained one of the living room beams that had become dusty from all the drywall sanding.

Tuesday we made a trip to Sierra Vista to buy used golf cart tires my ever on the search for a bargain husband found. I needed some groceries and we were also picking up an item for friends with the dang covid. I tried to get a grocery pickup time but there were none available for same day. I hope to not have to go inside Walmart in Sierra Vista again until I’m vaccinated!!! Everywhere I turned today there were people wearing no mask. At Walmart, at Culver’s, at Home Depot. Arizona currently has the highest per-capita rate of new Covid-19 infections, with 785 cases per 100,000 people over the past seven days. That rate not only leads the U.S., but is the highest in the world, according to NBC News data. Not only do friends have Covid, our neighbors are also ill with the virus. Our numbers are increasing daily in this zip code where before the numbers had remained low and steady. Will it ever end?

On Wednesday we made some big changes.

We moved!! Somehow my Cowboy husband and I hauled these two heavy couches from the guest house to the main house living room–we went out the front door of the guest house, into the back of the truck and in the front door of the main house. As you know Bayfield Al–that leather couch is heavy!! In the photo you can see the new to us leather chair we bought and the new rug. The southwest print love seat will move to the porch when that room is finished–it kind of clashes with the new rug!

The guest house has two windows in the living area which face south and we had mini blinds on those windows greatly limiting our view. The living room/dining room of the main house is finished and we decided it was time to move. We’ve been thinking about it and when the new rugs arrived yesterday we made the decision. We now have views in all directions and a very comfortable, beautiful living room. Emmi is not so sure–her bed and toys moved over but she stayed in the guest house for a while.

There were some tense moments this morning as we hung the curtains, drilling into the bricks. My husband is so incredibly handy! Look at what he did with those “free” cabinets we found–

Today was a dark day in the history of our country, a sad day in our country. The Cowboy and I have our opinions and they are private. What went on in our nation’s capitol today should not have happened. And that’s all I will say.



16 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. Yes, I do remember that heavy leather couch alright. So nice to see your cozy new living room all set up. Last time I was in that space I was helping Mike sweep up debris one morning. Having seen your digs in the early days It’s really neat seeing the great job you have done with all the renovations. Love those dark stained wood cabinets. Keep up the good work and enjoy all you have accomplished.


  2. Huge progress with your move to the main house living room!! Wahoo! Love the rug. Looks like a nice cozy living room. I’m sure it feels wonderful to be to this point. The cabinets came out great. Lots of extra storage. Good job, Mike! Today is an extremely sad, dark day for our country.


    1. Spectacular cabinets and lovely work! You both worked miracles on this house. As for the state of our nation, we’ve reached the nadir of a terrible time. As a nation , we are embarrassed and sad to have come to this.


  3. Yes I know about the mask thing at Wal-Mart. Your Uncle Butch gets really upset. I do to we were coming out of Wal-Mart and this man was coming in without one I stepped over close to him as he was passing and ask him where his mask was. Betty


  4. We’re still in shock about the events of yesterday in the Capitol. I hope there will be consequences for those who fomented and participated in this devastating assault on our democracy. And it’s distressing to hear that so many people in Arizona are flaunting wearing masks. We were in Tallahassee yesterday for a big grocery shopping spree and every single person in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods was wearing a mask. It was great!

    On a much happier note, your living room looks so cozy! And I love your cabinets.


  5. Your living space is amazing! And I love your cabinets…your kitchen is well on the way!
    As you, we have been keeping up with the case numbers that are soaring. It is most disturbing! So far in Tucson (at least at the stores we use…Frys and Wal-Mart mostly), folks are still wearing masks thank goodness! Gay


  6. How wonderful your living room looks!! How exciting to make that big move. The cabinets are beautiful and look like they were made for that space. I’ve been pleased to see 99% of customers masked at Frys and Lowes when I’ve had to go inside so I’m not happy to hear that isn’t the case elsewhere in SV! And they’re the ones who complain about pending lockdowns. We continue to avoid others and enjoy our little desert house.


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