New Chair and A Guard Turkey

The first day of 2021 dawned chilly and cloudy. As Emmi and I walked our normal route I began to hear sandhill cranes. There were three bunches of probably 100+ each soaring above my head. The coolest part–it was so quiet, even the cranes were quiet–so quiet I could hear their wings. Gave me goose bumps–a good start to 2021

On New Year’s Eve we dined at Dan and Louanne’s with Linda and Janice. It was a fabulous evening with outstanding food and drink! Louanne boiled the biggest, best shrimp and made rice pilaf–it was so good! We were all home by 8pm where we caught the last of the fireworks over the little community of Sunsites–we could see them from our house.

All the Christmas decorations are put away leaving our house a little bare and sad looking. I even managed to take down the outside lights. The Cowboy started building cabinets on New Year’s Day–hooray!! And he’s been working too hard installing those “free” cabinets we spent a day in November retrieving from a house. Because these houses were built in the late 60’s, there is a shortage of closets–no huge walk in master closet–we just couldn’t make that work. So our plan was to install these free cabinets in one end of the room we call our “porch.” This porch was to have been open but I lost that battle and it now just has large windows and a door–it’s actually an extension of the living room. The cabinets are partially installed and we think it’s going to work–counter space for serving at gatherings (if we ever get to have another gathering that large!) and lots of storage cabinets.

The guard turkey at the house where we bought the chair.

We drove down south to the little community of McNeal on Saturday to look at a leather chair. On New Year’s Eve we made a mad dash to Tucson to look at a chair that was a complete bust–saggy, no way to replace the cushion foam. We brought home the one we saw in McNeal on Saturday–needs seat cushion foam and has a zipper to access that foam. This chair is in good shape and comfortable–when Amazon sends the foam I will post a photo.

The Cowboy’s redneck firewood hauling vehicle.

Arizona’s covid numbers are skyrocketing–17,000+ cases posted in today’s numbers. Our zip code has eight new cases posted in the last few days. My heart goes out to all those poor nurses working in our hospitals–they have to be exhausted and scared.

10 thoughts on “New Chair and A Guard Turkey

  1. I like that turkey photo. By the way, all the Winter Wonderland photos I took Saturday and today were taken with the Nikon D5000 you bought from Mike McFall and which in turn I bought from you:))


  2. I can only imagine how cool that was to have that many cranes fly silently over. I though maybe you had a turkey in the neighborhood!! don’t forget to share a photo of the cabinets on the porch. Glad you had a nice New Year’s Eve. Wishing you and Michael a Happy, Healthy, New Year.


  3. There’s so many things I love about your side of the mountain, and having the cranes so close is one of them!! That turkey is a good choice, I’d rather face a doberman! With the cabinets going up you’re getting so, so close to the finish line.


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