Dang It’s Chilly

Our weather is nasty–for Arizona! Highs in the 40’s and 50’s and lows in the 20’s. And I swear the wind today was blowing off a Montana snowbank!

Do any of you mend? The Cowboy accidently created a hole in his down vest by touching it with a hot pan he had used to pop popcorn–it melted the vest fabric. Monday I stitched a patch over the spot where the feathers were escaping through the hole, repaired a dishcloth with an unraveling hem and made a blanket fit the bed!

Blankets labeled “queen/full” do NOT fit a full bed. They fit a queen and hang over the sides of a full bed almost to the floor. So, I cut about 20 inches off the side of the blanket and re-hemmed it. Now it fits the full size bed.

Tuesday I volunteered for one of those projects that after starting I was ready to un-volunteer but I trudged onward. Many of the outlets and switches in the main house needed cover plates which isn’t as easy as it sounds! Most of the outlets and switches require shims to bring them out flush with the drywall–shims for this application are tiny flat washers that are very fiddly!! I was successful on all but one outlet which required the Cowboy’s expertise! I finished this chore on Wednesday and I must say I’m might proud of myself!

We drove to Willcox Tuesday afternoon and purchased two used bar stools for our eating area in the main house kitchen. The stools need new fabric and foam on the seats and a new paint–but were a bargain!

The tile is laid on the floors in the main house with the exception of the porch (the current cabinet shop) and the laundry room–not my priority right now. The Cowboy took a break on Wednesday from floor work–his knees were complaining.

Remember that new iPhone I received for Christmas? Well, last evening I sold our iPhone 6 we had using one of the local Facebook groups. A person we know, Patsy, purchased the phone, coming to the house to get it wearing her mask–we appreciate you Patsy!!

Full moon coming up Tuesday night–not the best photo.

And the moon going down Wednesday morning–I tried to catch it right as it touched the Dragoon Mountains but sat drinking coffee and knitting just a touch too long.

Some of the Montana family have been enjoying the beach in Florida–having had Covid they decided to escape for some much needed fun!


17 thoughts on “Dang It’s Chilly

  1. re “outlets and switches require shims to bring them out flush with the drywall–shims for this application are tiny flat washers that are very fiddly”. I had a cold breeze whistling through my outlet covers on outside walls, so bought foam inserts at HomeDepot (various sizes match covers). Killed the cold draft, plus covers are now better positioned against the drywall. Happy New Year!


  2. My mending is for buttons only. Anything else just gets replaced. I don’t know why I have such an aversion to sewing. I use to have a sewing machine and did learn to sew even making a couple articles of clothing. But I never clicked with it. My mother was a wonderful seamstress, making most of our clothes growing up. She even made my wedding dress and veil with a long train. It was beautiful. Her love for sewing didn’t transfer to me but did transfer to my daughter. Skipped a generation! I’m sure Michael appreciated your taking care of the outlet and sitch plates. How nice that the kids got to enjoy the beach!


    1. I inherited my grandmother’s and mother’s love of sewing–it skipped the rest of the family! My Mom made my first wedding dress and she made everything the “girls” in the family wore–I often wonder when she found the time–she also worked full time after my little brother was born in 1961.

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  3. Happy New Year! Sure hope we break out, and really have a good New Year! We are heading out in about 4-5 days, unfortunately we have too go through California! I don’t like going through their, they don’t have good roads. I guess I’ve complained enough! Rawn & Joann, and little Peanut Joy!


  4. Brrrr indeed!! Wish we’d get more moisture too. I mend but don’t sew 🙂 I’m fairly handy with a hand needle and thread, but my seams pucker if I just stand near a sewing machine :-)))) There’s something about putting on the outlet and switch covers that makes a job feel “finished”. Not usually as daunting as your shims so I’m sure you’re especially glad to have it behind you!
    How cute are your beach bunnies 🙂


  5. Putting in switch and outlet plates is almost the last step so yeah on your rebuild of this old house.
    I like the moon pictures, it is so big and bright right now.
    Yes, I mend, just replaced my old sewing mancine serger this year, as I wore them out. I this is the 4th sewing machine and 2nd serger I have had. I used to do way more sewing than I do now.


    1. I too used to do way more sewing that I do now. I have a sewing machine in Montana and one here plus a serger in Montana. Would love to have a newer machine but just can’t justify it as I don’t even piece quilts any longer.


  6. You’ve inspired me to get out my needle and thread and repair my brand new bathroom handtowel with the raveling hem. 😦
    It’s good that your family waited until now to come to Florida…had they been in north Florida last week they would have been in temps colder than Montana, LOL. ( I know that’s an exaggeration, but it was COLD.)
    Happy New Year and stay cozy!


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