A Very Pleasant Christmas

Christmas Eve we enjoyed the company of four friends for a lovely dinner and we actually dined in the main house. The Cowboy and I hauled our beautiful dining table we found on Craigslist in 2018 over to the main house, I found a tablecloth, snipped some greenery from one of our trees and added the Cowboy’s mother’s silver candlesticks–it was just right!

Christmas Eve skies.
My first charcuterie tray from the book That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life.
My drink of choice for holiday meals–mainly because I really like the glasses!

Christmas Day dawned with clouds and a brief rain/sleet shower of all things! It was a quiet, peaceful and easy day. We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, opened our presents and spent the day getting acquainted with those presents. The Cowboy gifted me a new iPhone and I was amazed at how easy it was to transfer the data from the old phone to the new–without having to visit a Verizon store! I also received a new fitness tracker–I had a FitBit for a while but wasn’t impressed when the $75 device died in less than a year! So, this one is a $25 Lintelek–installed the app and it too is up and running–aren’t I the techy??–Not! The Cowboy loves his gifts–a new set of Makita drills and driving slippers (aka house slippers) from LL Bean. He liked the drills so much I caught him using them on Christmas Day!

Sunrise on Christmas Day–beautiful!

My sister sent me the sweetest gift–a pottery nativity scene from Osage Clayworks located in north Arkansas. Ann collects nativity scenes and her house is beautiful at Christmas time. I had admired a particular scene when there last year and she remembered.

Santa brought Emmi a new treat dispensing ball which she loved and a new duck.

It was a quiet, peaceful Christmas Day–we Facetimed the family in Germany and in Arkansas and spoke with other family on the phone.

In the evening on Christmas Day we went to Dan and Louanne’s for nachos–amazing, delicious nachos and jalapeno margaritas–also so, so good!

The Cowboy went right back to work on Saturday laying tile and he’s still at it on Sunday. Mid afternoon on Sunday we helped Louanne make use of the wine tasting she purchased at the recent library fund raiser. Southeastern Arizona is popular with grape growers and wine makers and there are multiple small vineyards all around us. This winery, 1776 Vineyards is just up the road from us and the owners are super pleasant people who escaped the big city life of Phoenix and moved to our valley in 2017. They have outdoor tables for covid times and it was just pleasant enough to sit outside. Louanne brought a tablecloth and the most wonderful, creamy cheese we devoured as we tasted four different wines. The four of us, Louanne, Janice, Linda and I had so much fun–and will most probably do it again!

While I was out drinking wine the Cowboy bought a sewing machine! An industrial Singer–to make covers for backhoe seats and golf carts. What next I bet you are asking!

20 thoughts on “A Very Pleasant Christmas

  1. What a wonderful Christmas. And by the way – Jim does all the sewing at our house. He made seat covers fir his boat as well. 2021 is approaching and I have high hopes for that year.


  2. What a sweet and festive Christmas! I love your table setting and your pottery nativity scene. And your cheese platter! I got ‘into’ making fancy cheese/appetizer platters several years ago and have fun creating them. Now I’m always on the lookout for interesting additions to keep on hand!


    1. Have you seen that book Laurel, That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life? Gorgeous, detailed photos, great suggestions and recipes. My granddaughters are into charcuterie trays and I bought them the book–they loved it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a lovely day with friends. Very delightful to see your festivities. We share a love of good food and holiday tables so I so enjoy seeing what you do. I have yet to try the fancy appetizer platters but they always look like so much fun. Not enough people around lately to eat them! Maybe next year. Still, so many of our friends are long distance so that might be a bit difficult.


    1. I am so ready to share my love of good food and pretty tables with more friends and family. I want to stop analyzing covid habits of every single person I might enjoy having at my table. Maybe next year.


  4. Your table and setting are gorgeous. LOVE, LOVE the pottery manger set…a gift to enjoy and treasure for years to come!

    Happy New Year! Gay


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