We Do Something Different

Monday I had an appointment cancelled and asked the Cowboy–“want to go cut firewood?” After lunch off we went up into the Chiricahua Mountains via Rucker Canyon. At first we wondered if we were on a wild goose chase–no pine or fir to be seen–just cedar and live oak. But as we rose in elevation pine trees appeared. The Arizona USFS fire wood cutting/permit rules are a little different than the rules we follow in Montana. Standing dead trees can be cut but only if the tree is nine inches or less in diameter.

We searched for a while before finding a spot with several standing dead trees the right diameter. In just a short while we had a truck full and wound our way back down the mountain. Rucker Canyon is beautiful and we even found running water!

Tuesday I spent the morning cooking–made another batch of those “turtle chocolates” and another/last batch of chex mix for the Cowboy. Milton, our caretaker stopped by with a gift–his wife Lucy had made anise cookies–they are addictive! And Lucy had written us the most beautiful Christmas card and thank you note for the dinner I took them–made me cry!

I’ve never had packages take as long to reach their recipients as has happened this year. Mail USPS One Rate boxes and two days later the Montana folks get their cookies and gifts–NOT this year. Those two day boxes took 7 days. Amazon usually manages to get things to Germany in a timely manner–not this year. Amazon Prime is NOT working this year. Is anything working this year???

Wednesday was physical therapy in Willcox for me. My physical therapist told me the hospital began giving healthcare workers the covid vaccine today. He was hoping to receive a vaccine before going home for the Christmas holiday tomorrow evening.

These are two of my favorite Christmas decorations–the pillow I’ve had for many years and chuckle every time I read the saying. The little Santa was made for the Cowboy by his Grandmother–amazing that it’s held together all these years! While Mom was here she reattached one of his button eyes.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hopefully a very good 2021!!



23 thoughts on “We Do Something Different

  1. That is gorgeous scenery! Those types of soft figures made from loose yarn were very popular several decades ago. I wonder what happened to my doll. Maybe I should make a few for grandchildren.


    1. We had a fire many years ago in our barn–I kept the Christmas ornaments and decorations in wooden boxes in that barn. I lost every single thing I had ever collected as well as all the ornaments from the Cowboy’s childhood, even from his mother’s childhood. Except that pillow and the Santa. For some reason I had stored them in a drawer in the house–my guess is I forgot to put them in the wooden boxes before the boxes were sealed and taken to the barn. Six little porcelain angels survived the fire–we found them in the rubble the next day–they had belonged to the Cowboy’s mother. I have them on the mantle every Christmas.


  2. A blessed Christmas to you both and thank you
    for your great posts…..which I look forward to!
    Maybe it’s my older age but I’m also partial to
    my Christmas items that have memories .
    They cannot be replaced. XO


    1. Merry Christmas Linda–and thank you for following along with us. Christmas lost some of its glow for me when I lost all those decorations. I don’t collect any more–I just decorate with the things that mean something to me. My tree doesn’t have a collection, it is simply decorated with red and silver balls.


  3. Let’s do something different- chop firewood. Such fun. Lol but I know that wood will be greatly appreciated in January. I have few decorations left from years gone by but I still have the nativity set my mom made in ceramics about 40 years ago. I treasure it.

    Wishing you, the Cowboy and Emmi a very wonderful Christmas.


  4. I think everyone agrees that yarn Santa is special. 🙂 And even more so, reading that he was one of the few survivors of the fire that consumed your treasured collection of holiday decorations.

    Warm wishes from Florida for a cozy, peaceful Christmas and a bright and joyful 2021!


  5. Merry Christmas! Love the pillow and the Santa is quite a treasure! It’s been years and more years since we have cut firewood…it’s a good workout! Gay


  6. Definitely a tough year for mailing packages. I mailed a Priority box to our daughter’s family on Dec 10. It was supposed to arrive the 14th. Finally, the 21st it arrived. The tracking was no help at all. Glad your packages made.

    The pillow is so dear. I haven’t seen a yarn doll in so long. My mother and I use to make them. Love the Cowboy’s Santa.

    Merry Christmas to you and Michael!


  7. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, the Cowboy & Emmi!
    I enjoyed the beautiful pics! So glad you found wood with all the rules…never knew there were rules…but of course there are, I just haven’t lived in the country in way too long!
    I want those chocolate turtles! They are my favorite candy! Could you send me your recipe??
    I love your Christmas keepsakes. They are precious! I have way too many which I have hung onto all my life (due to the instability in my life). Those kind of things are very important to me. One day I will sell my home, downsize and have to make a lot of hard decisions.
    It is so beautiful there and I long to move back to the country….one day.
    Thank you for listening to me today. I hope we all get those vaccinations soon so that we can have a better 2021! God bless!


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