Right Around The Corner

The ground isn’t white (thank goodness) but the morning temps are enough to make us think Christmas is right around the corner. Mom said she thought Arizona was warm in the winter–not in southeast Arizona at an elevation of 4500 feet! Bright blue skies, not a cloud in sight on our 20 degree mornings.

Monday and Tuesday I painted the kitchen and down the hallway of the main house. The Cowboy even got in on the painting business–something he never does. But, he was anxious to lay tile and if that’s what it took then paint he did.

Mom and I were on our way to Tucson bright and early Wednesday morning heading to the airport. She arrived in Arkansas that evening safe and sound–all is well. We sure enjoyed having her with us for this past month–it was a treat. Our guest house seemed quiet and lonely Thursday morning when I walked in to start the coffee maker.

The Cowboy is laying tile and once this tile is laid he will start building our kitchen cabinets. We are so excited to be on the downhill slide of this huge project we started almost 4 years ago!!!

No painting for me on Friday–chores were calling, I could hear the laundry basket complaining! In the afternoon I delivered boozy fruitcake I had made to friends in the area–it’s such good fruitcake and I’m most definitely not a fan of fruitcake! You can find the recipe here.

When I returned from fruitcake delivery we decided to hang our new wooden window shades that were delivered a couple weeks ago from BlindsGalore.com. I had hung one of the shades in our smaller guest room window and knew how the process should work but the rest of the shades were being hung outside the window requiring a bit more measuring–the Cowboy’s expertise!

The shades look lovely and we are pleased as always with our BlindsGalore.com purchase. In all the purchases I’ve made from BlindsGalore (a whole house full of shades at North Ranch), I’ve only had one shade malfunction. This particular shade works but you have to stand in one spot right underneath the cords or the blind will NOT raise straight, one end or the other will hang down. Should have returned it but didn’t. This time we saved boxes until we were sure everything worked correctly.

I’m a from scratch cook, usually. At least I was before covid reared its ugly, stupid head and I was cooking two meals a day, every. single. day.! When shopping at Costco I’ve been bringing home easy to prepare stuff–panko breaded shrimp that is done in the oven in 25 minutes, etc. Last Wednesday I brought home lobster bisque and the lady who was reaching for it at the same time said it was good. But then she said, “have you seen the lobster ravioli they have today over on that end cap?” Well, no, I missed the ravioli but went back and grabbed a package. We had one half the package for Saturday lunch which was more than the portion size on the wrapping but we were hungry. The lobster ravioli was outstanding! The package was $15 and if it feeds us twice that is $3.75 per portion–can’t beat that price nor can you eat out for that price!

Here is an unsettling statistic for you–my dear friend lost her husband on March 20th (non covid). On that date deaths from covid in the United States were in the teens as in 14, 15, etc. In NINE months we’ve gone from almost no deaths to over 300,000 deaths. Those NINE months have seemed endless to me but in the scheme of things, that’s a short period of time to have had 300,000 deaths from a disease which could have been controlled.

Saturday the Cowboy grouted tile so we could move the refrigerator and laid cement board in preparation for more tile. I finished the painting in the main house–gosh it feels good to say that! The porch area isn’t done as that room is now the cabinet shop and catch all room but the main part of the house is coming together quickly–and we are so excited!

It’s so incredibly dry and no moisture in the foreseeable future.

The Cowboy laid more tile today after we moved the refrigerator back onto a section of tile that had been grouted. Late afternoon he decided to hang the TV in the living room–it’s a TV we purchased from Mike McFall at North Ranch before we moved to this property. Not sure why we need a TV hanging in the living room as we watch so little–but we have one.

Stop with the picture taking Mom, it’s dinner time, get a move on!

And here are two precious, all dressed up for their Christmas program great grand children–

They both look as if they are in pain in this photo!😍



18 thoughts on “Right Around The Corner

  1. Great pictures and what a nice view of the mountains.
    I doubt either of you have gained a pound during
    this Covid with all the work you have finished!
    How great to be close to the finish line.
    Big accomplishment !
    I’m going to check out that fruitcake recipe, I’m sure
    it’s special if you are liking it.
    Always enjoy your posts.😍


  2. So happy, your Mom visited! Looks like your reaching the home stretch! Just don’t know what you’re going to do with your spare time!


  3. Oh my, 20 degrees. Here in Tombstone we haven’t seen temps that low. What a difference just over the mountain makes. Everything looks wonderful at your home!
    And you r right about this Chinese virus. It could be controlled better if everyone would be more careful. We have to take responsibility for ourselves! Not saying we still wouldn’t get it; but it would help!


  4. You’ve definitely kept busy. You’ve made a lot of progress on the house.
    We’ve been using some prepared meals as well.
    It’s cute watching little ones pose for pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’ about time.


  5. So enjoyed seeing your posts about your mom’s visit. Such a great thing that you were able to have her for an entire month. Wonderful stories of the two of you doing fun things together! I don’t envy you that 20 degrees, but this time of year I really do miss the sunshine. Grants Pass is famous for fogged in days during winter.


  6. Glad Mom arrived back safe and sound. Those blinds are beautiful, especially against that lovely butter yellow. Has it really been almost four years?! What an amazing job the two of you have done!! The COVID numbers are hard to wrap my head around. Sad and unnecessary. Hoping the vaccines are the answer. Oh my gosh those two are priceless :-)))


  7. Love the new shades! The main house is coming along. So close!!! Brooks and Millie are just so cute! Of course, Emmi looks so sweet hurrying home for dinner. Glad you had a nice long visit with your mother.


  8. It’s always a grand feeling to see the end of a long project in sight! You two make an awesome team. I’m sure it seems quiet around the house…not that your mom was noisy…just more love to fill up empty spaces. It’s funny how spaces seem to expand when loved ones are around. Love, love your home and what a view! Gay


  9. You two have done a fabulous job on your home. You’re going to build your own cabinets? From scratch? Wow!! Knowing that you’re also going to build your own countertops, I’m now convinced that there’s NOTHING you two can’t do.

    Here’s to a brighter 2021. Can’t wait for the virus to be in our rearview mirror (if people would just behave!). Love the photos of your adorable and spunky great-grandchildren.


    1. Yes, Michael will be building our cabinets from scratch. He built the cabinets in our Montana home. I am so ready for this virus to hit the road! We lost another member of our small Montana community to the virus–and yes people need to behave! Tucson just went into a hard lock down with a curfew–not sure that’s the answer–I’m concerned for the smaller businesses and restaurants, afraid many won’t be in business when this is all over.

      Liked by 1 person

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