Big Steps

We celebrated on Wednesday–the last piece of drywall was hung in this ongoing project–the very last piece!!! All the saved pieces were thrown out the door waiting for the next trip to the transfer station. My dear husband said, “never again will I hang drywall.” I hope we “never again do a remodel!!”

On Saturday we crossed another bridge–the last bit of drywall mud has been laid in the main house–we have a bit more mud to lay in the porch area but for right now that area is the cabinet making shop. Sanded and all the dust removed–now it’s time for painting.

Wednesday night it rained–a little over half an inch–very welcome moisture! And it made for nice cloud photos Thursday morning–

Rockfellow Dome peaking out of the clouds.

My first physical therapy appointment was in Willcox on Thursday. On Friday Mom and I drove in to Tucson and took the scenic loop through Saguaro National Park East which she really enjoyed.

Lunch at the Eclectic Cafe on the patio in the sunshine then we drove out to the Mission San Xavier del Bac. The church is closed right now but I wanted Mom to at least see the outside of it. Construction of the current church began in 1783 and was completed in 1797.

Saturday I baked cookies and made candy all day long! In the evening we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Dan and Louanne’s with Janice and Linda. The food was amazing and we had such a good time.

Mom spent Sunday knitting away, I baked CJ’s Fruitcakes–I’ve had the fruit marinating in brandy for almost a month. These aren’t your traditional heavy fruitcakes but are very flavorful and tasty!

First it was covid weight gain, now it’s Christmas weight gain–YIKES!


18 thoughts on “Big Steps

  1. I don’t mind hanging drywall but I DO MIND the taping and texturing. I sympathize with Mike and you on that part of your remodel. Wish we could come over and help and then share some of the goodies you made! We’re planning on having Christmas on the Boulder this year. First time in decades.


  2. I can’t even guess at how many yards of drywall you’ve hung in your place!! And it all looks like a professional crew of four did the work. I get excited just painting the last spot when I’m painting a single room 🙂 Glad Mom got to see the Mission, even the exterior is well worth the visit. We could sure use a lot more of those rainy days!


    1. I need to go back and look at our Home Depot receipts and see how many sheets of drywall we had delivered–it’s been a bunch! We just have the kitchen and hallway to the guest house to paint–not much.


  3. I often thought that if we were in Arizona my guy
    would have been a big help with drywall and the finishing.
    Of course all the mechanical and electric things your Cowboy
    does, he would be no help. Lol
    Not a fruitcake fan but did make my friends gumdrop
    and walnut fruitcake with brandy several times.
    It was fairly yummy.
    Loved the mission picture…. simply beautiful!


    1. Dear husband would have welcomed the drywall help! Our Montana home has not one sheet of drywall and that’s how the Cowboy likes it! I’m not usually a fan of fruitcakes but these are so good!


  4. Wahoo!!!! Big day to FINALLY have the dry finished!! That is a huge relief. Someday I hope to see the finished Main House. Glad you and Mom are having so much fun. Share a photo of a nice slice of the fruit cake. I love fruit cake.


  5. You and your Cowboy have done a remarkable job! I remember when you bought your home, what a job you had! Now it’s a wonderful home! Take care, Rawn Stone


  6. Ugh, drywall…and the mudding and sanding is the worst!!! So much dust. I’m still traumatized from our remodel, LOL.
    Glad to see that you and your mom are having such a good time exploring the beauty that surrounds you!


  7. So!! Much!! Work!! I just wonder how the Cowboy will fill his time now with no drywall to take up the space? It has been a great pleasure to see you and your mom spending time together there in Arizona. Mo and I visited the mission at Tubac with our friends from Sauharita a few years ago, but missed this one. Maybe when we return someday.


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