A Bit Of Sightseeing

Our first packages are mailed to Germany. I sent a package via Amazon to Germany which isn’t expected to arrive until December 21–thank you covid! And the post office is an interesting place these days here in Arizona and that’s all I will say about that one!

Sandhills as far as the eye can see.
And a snow goose.

Monday afternoon after our stop at the interesting post office Mom and I headed to Whitewater Draw to see the sandhill cranes. If there had been people around they would have wondered why those two ladies were laughing so hard trying to get a wheelchair to move. I thought it would be easy to push Mom on the hard packed ground but no–I almost dumped her out on her head when I became stuck in a sandy spot. Mom ended up walking a ways until we could get the wheelchair on more solid ground. And then she was sure I was going to push her over the edge to join the cranes. We laughed until we cried–it was a great afternoon!  

And a snow goose.
It was 68 degrees but windy and Mom thought she might freeze!

We’ve been having internet issues and our provider is having trouble resolving these issues. In the evening our download speeds drop so low as to be non-usable. Tuesday a technician came out and with the Cowboy’s help ran new wiring and installed a new modem. Didn’t help.

Wednesday the Cowboy helped Dan and Louanne with a project–installing a new heater in their master bath. I baked more cookies, helped Mom with her knitting and made Instant Pot beef stew–the absolute best beef stew you will ever eat!

While taking Emmi for her evening walk we were sprinkled with rain and we have a good chance of rain tonight and tomorrow–let’s hope so!



20 thoughts on “A Bit Of Sightseeing

  1. That was funny with your Mom and you getting the giggles, I once did that in Church! I’ll bet you are enjoying a visit from your Mother., she seems like a lovely Lady…enjoy, Rawn and Joann


  2. I miss getting the giggles with my Mom. We did that once on a trip to Branson when getting our picture taken. Glad you and Mom are making such good memories. Hoping we get lots of rain today.


  3. Nice pictures. Welcome to our world of the internet. X amount of bandwidth for a given area, divided by y number of users. As Y goes up, X goes down. The sad thing is that the providers don’t want to upgrade in rural areas. They get more bang for there buck spending the $$ around major cities. Good luck.


    1. The Cowboy is thinking that’s exactly what is happening here in Arizona and it could be but this little co-op Valley Telcom provides great service. They are laying fiber optic cable and in less than two years we will have it at our house. My family lives in a populated area of Arkansas, have zero internet options and rely on expensive cell phone plans for their internet use. Ridiculous in this day and age!


  4. Glad you were successful at seeing the Sandhill Cranes without dumping your Mom’s Wheelchair. Surprised you did not pull it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.


  5. Oh, what a beautiful day at Whitewater Draw! Your photos of the cranes are wonderful. It’s such a picturesque landscape. And how fun to share the day with your mom. Laughter makes everything better. 🙂


  6. Jana my son and family live in Taiwan. I quit using the post office. It took 15 or more days to get there. I started using Send My Bag and it’s the greatest thing ever. Gets to Taiwan in 5 days!


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