Seeing An Old Friend

Thursday was a day of downs and ups. Mom and I were off to Sierra Vista bright and early on a cold Arizona desert winter morning. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and to say I was unimpressed is the understatement of the year. After checking in I sat in a spot with my back to the check in desk. As I waited I heard two other people check in for the same exact appointment time with the same doctor I was to see. That was my first red flag. I waited a good thirty minutes past my appointment time for x-rays and it was one hour and forty minutes past my appointment time before I saw the surgeon.

I don’t wait for doctors, I’ve walked out of many doctor’s offices in my life. If my hip had not been hurting for weeks, I would have left. When the surgeon finally walked into the exam room he was in a hurry and I felt as if he didn’t have any time for me. Bottom line–he doesn’t know what is wrong with my hip, no arthritis showed on the x-rays. Six weeks of twice weekly physical therapy and if that doesn’t help, a MRI.

Mom modeling one of the shirts we found at her favorite store, Dillards.

Mom and I had brought our lunch as it was too cold to sit outside at any restaurant–we ate sitting in the hospital parking lot–a sad state of affairs. Then it was off to Joann’s–I needed buttons for a little quilt I’ve done–nope, didn’t find the right buttons. Mom purchased some Christmas type fabrics and we rolled through Dillards–one of Mom’s favorite stores–which is also an understatement!😍The mall was deserted–literally–there was probably less than a dozen customers in the whole entire place. Scary deserted–the food court was closed and eerie. Store fronts were dark, not even open. It was disconcerting!

The day definitely got better as we rolled out of Sierra Vista. I sent our friend Angie a text to tell her we were on our way and received this in reply:

We met Angie and Ralph on a shooting range in 2003 and we’ve been good friends since that time. They’ve been to Montana a couple times and we always manage to touch base each winter season. They are living on a shooting range near Tombstone helping the owner with some maintenance projects and enjoying life. Angie had good coffee brewed and a delicious lemon cake ready–we enjoyed some social distanced chatting underneath a propane heater in one of the range buildings.

Friday was just a another day of cooking, playing with Emmi and knitting with Mom. Martha is so excited that she’s learned to knit and can even cast on another project when she finishes this one. I’ve finished one Christmas gift project and am working on the second one.

Dan and Louanne came for dinner Saturday and we had such a good time–those two are a barrel of laughs from one minute to the next. If I do say so myself, our meal was outstanding! Tri-Tip on the grill, Brenda’s cheesy potatoes, and salad with Boulder River Ranch poppy seed dressing.

And, I’m sorry Caryl but we ate the rhubarb! I usually package rhubarb at summer’s end, freeze it and bring it to our friend Caryl who lives at North Ranch. Caryl misses the rhubarb she grew when living in Montana. But, Mom enjoys rhubarb too and as she hasn’t been to Montana in several years I saw that package in the freezer and decided rhubarb crisp was on the menu. Homemade ice cream completed the dessert. Oh, my goodness was it good–tasted like Montana!

Sunday was a lazy day for Mom and me. We made some “millionaires” or “turtles” depending on your definition of those candies with caramel and pecans, coated in chocolate. Our friend Gina taught me to make these and when I sent a photo of my creations, she and Rollie called to chat. They are still on the island of St. Croix, Rollie is finishing up a oil refinery project and they will hopefully be back on the mainland after the first of the year.

Not very pretty but oh, so good!
Mom knitted a dishcloth!!

Life is good–

18 thoughts on “Seeing An Old Friend

  1. Glad all is going well with your mom’s visit. I will never understand why so many doctors keep you waiting. I had an allergist back in PA that I loved. She never overbooked. As a matter of fact, I could schedule my appointment during my 50 min planning period. I worked two miles away. So I could leave school, see the allergist, and get back in less than 50 mins. I even had time to chat with her since my last visit a year ago. That’s how it should be!! Hope PT helps your hip.


    1. The medical system is so disorganized. If a physician wants to make “X” number of dollars, they have to see “X” number of patients. If the physician works for a hospital the hospital dictates the number of patients he/she will see. This doctor’s office appeared to be extremely disorganized–I wasn’t the only disgruntled patient.


  2. Don’t know the health care system that well in AZ, but I think there is a Mayo Clinic somewhere. I sure would recommend seeing an orthopedic surgeon there if you can. The surgeons are never in a hurry and always give you their full attention. I have two bad hips, but was bursitis in the worst and a cortisone shot helped a great deal. Never had to have an MRI, just x-rays. Good luck, because I know how miserable life can be when you are in pain.
    Love that your mom can be with you – she looks so young!


    1. The Mayo Clinic is in Scottsdale–a long way from where I live. I do know there are great orthopedic surgeons in Tucson. This orthopedic surgeon I saw came with a good reference–a blogger I know broke his hip bicycling and this surgeon replaced his hip. Steve was up and about so quickly–back to bicycle riding. I asked about a cortisone injection–I’ve had one in the other hip–but he said my symptoms don’t suggest anything an injection would help. Mom does look young–she has less gray hair than I do and WAY less than my sister.


  3. Hope your hip pain improves…it’s just wrong to have an appt and have to wait. I understand that sometimes there are emergencies, but there is no excuse for over booking!

    I need to stock up on red bandanas…your porch is way cute!

    Your moms dishcloth looks like the one I made except mine was solid gray. I’m so disgusted with myself about knitting!


    1. Don’t be disgusted Gay–I tried to knit socks six years ago after a friend told me it was so easy. I even took lessons. I gave up–it was just too frustrating and fiddly. Buy yourself some beautiful yarn and knit row after row–if you mess up just keep going–it’s practice. That’s what Mom did–she just kept going and saying–it’s a dishcloth! And yes, there is no excuse for overbooking.


  4. Your Mother looks like a sweet lady! Sorry about your hip, but you reminded me that I need to schedule both hips before next week, as we are leaving next week for Green Valley next week..Take care, Rawn Stone


  5. Mom is so cute. Love her new shirt! You may already, but when in Sierra Vista pick up a yummy hot drink from the Joe to Go drive through by ACE. Great people. Homemade candies – yum! yum! The porch looks great.


  6. Is your pain like sciatica? Does it bother you at night
    when your trying to sleep? I have had similar .
    Trust you get relief. How is your knee?
    Enjoyed your pictures.
    Your mom will really like using the dish cloth🥰


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