Big Time Computer Issues

On Monday Mom and Emmi decided to stay home while the Cowboy and I headed to Tucson. Cabinet building lumber was required and the Cowboy thinks the Home Depot store on Broadway in Tucson has better lumber. Tucson is also a mask wearing city–we saw not one person without a mask. We had a extra added treat–Dan and Louanne happened to be in the big city yesterday at the same time and we met for lunch at the Eclectic Café. In this restaurant the outside seating area is accessed without going inside. And the patio has heaters which were welcome yesterday. I love this restaurant, the food is good and the ambience is nice. Notice I said “I love this” restaurantthe Cowboy, not so much!😁

Emmi is a little snob–she likes her people and her people only–me, the Cowboy, Larry and Geri. Period. She is so standoffish with Mom and Monday spent her time on the couch looking out the window watching for us turning her head away when Mom would try to talk to her. Yep, she is a snob!

Tuesday the Cowboy hung drywall and spread drywall mud. Laundry and cooking was on my agenda. Plus getting my printer to work! My Christmas present last year was a Dell laptop and it would not cooperate with my newer Brother printer. It would print a test page from the laptop but nothing else and would give me a “printer has been offline for over a month” message on the “print screen.” Well, I knew better–the printer was NOT offline.

So, I set myself a goal for Tuesday–make the printer work. And I did! Evidently this isn’t an uncommon issue as when I asked Mr. Google it was obvious other folks were having the same problem. I stopped allowing Microsoft control of the printer and guess what–it worked! We are so not fans of Windows 10 and its continuous, non stop updates. Every single time our laptops update one thing or another is not the same–yesterday the Cowboy lost his bookmarks bar–I found it but for goodness sake Microsoft, leave our computers be!!!

And oh wow did we ever have a computer glitch today or rather Walmart had a computer glitch. I received a text message stating $161.34 had been charged today for a Walmart grocery pickup order. We had not ordered groceries nor had we picked up groceries today. The tale became even stranger. I came inside to log onto the computer and see if that amount had indeed been charged to our credit card and it had. The Cowboy then said, “you also have an email from Walmart stating your order is complete, charged $182.65 and the date is October 30.

If you’ve read this blog for long you know we are avid fans of Walmart pickup but today they were having major issues! I called the credit card company, denied the charge and will be sent a new credit card as a result of all this. Then I contacted Walmart and the story became even more ridiculous. Yes, Walmart was having issues, some grocery orders had not charged at the time of purchase and were just now being corrected. Yes, I did buy groceries on October 30 in the amount of $161.34 and it had never been charged to our credit card!!!

The young woman at Walmart was very apologetic. I told her it would have been very nice if Walmart had called us and explained the issue rather than posting a charge to our credit card more than a month after the fact. I explained that I had revoked the charge and my card was being replaced and asked how I could pay for the groceries. Here is what she said, “trust me, because you rejected the charge no one is going to contact you about this issue.” Great, more phone calls for me to make–stay tuned!

Tuesday afternoon late our friends Linda and Janice arrived in Linda’s new Ranger bearing gifts. They had collected pine boughs, created swags and decorated them with bright red bandanas. I hurriedly hung ours today as it was getting dark and don’t like the photos I took–so photos later. And our front porch looks a little trashy! 🤣🤣The trash drywall gets tossed out the front door waiting for the next trash run and instead of a nice firewood rack like the ones our friends Nancy and Geoff have, we have a cardboard box. (The Cowboy made Geoff and Nancy’s racks!😏)

Mom is knitting away making progress, me not so much–too much else to do. I am baking cookies to ship, bathing the pooch, feeding us, etc.

We’ve been having internet issues–dropped signal, slow speeds and today I called our provider. The tech walked me through a few steps and said he would escalate the issue to a company technician. Wonder of wonders–they are actually sending a tech out to our house on Thursday because they could see in our account the dropped signals and slow speeds. That’s service!


16 thoughts on “Big Time Computer Issues

  1. Don’t you just hate dealing with internet, techy, things
    period! It seems these snafu’s come at most
    inconvenient times. Your tree looks lovely and I’m
    sure your cooking is the best. I think it’s true,
    a women’s work is never done!


  2. Boy it can be frustrating dealing with the internet! You are dealing with a lot of issues, and as a male I do know a woman’s work is seldom done,
    because she has so much to do! I watch my wife and I let her know how much I appreciate all she does. She was away for a week, and I survived, even did laundry once….yeah me!
    Well, keep up all the good stuff! Rawn Stone


  3. Hi Janna,you have the I phone now the new I Pad Air or the new Mac Air- I know they are more money but resolve most issues- Windows,et all. I bought the I Pad & ended up boxing my Acer for good,lol.Sure looking forward to the great reveal of all great work.All the best of the Season.


  4. All the computer and phone updates drive me crazy, but if I ignore them (which I have done in the past) then I create more problems for myself down the road. I learned that the hard way, haha.

    Your home looks so festive and cozy for the holidays! I hope Emmi will warm up to your mom as she gets accustomed to having her there.


  5. Love your tree by the fireplace. Very pretty! Mom look very comfy. It must be computer trouble season. We just went to Best Buy Tuesday and John bought a new laptop. He uses his new ipad most of the time now, but still needs the computer at times. His was taking hours to boot up and then not cooperating when he wanted to print. It’s not worth the struggle. New computers are so cheap now. So he is all set with a new laptop. Hope you get all your computers difficulties worked out. Looking forward to your swag photos.


  6. Your home looks truly wonderful, and since I did have the pleasure of seeing it in person, I can appreciate even more all the work you two have done, and I can see the surroundings in my mind’s eye as well. So homey, and lovely. You are lucky to have good friends nearby to do things with in spite of all the restrictions. Computer and printer issues are just ongoing I guess, so tiresome. Mo calls me her “executive assistant” because I am often trying to fix stuff for her and am trying to teach her how to use her smartphone. She inherited my Note7 and by the time she gets used to it it will be time to inherit the 9plus. LOL I am glad your mom could visit, such a great thing in these crazy times. Take care.


    1. Michael is self taught as I am but there are some things he just doesn’t know how to do. We both had iPads but when his died he insisted on getting an android Samsung. He’s mostly on his own trying to make that thing work–I have helped with some issues but it’s Greek to me!


  7. Totally agree…computers, internet, printers, updates, phones are such a huge part of living these days…can’t live without them I guess although I am “on purpose” spending less and less time on devices. LOVE, love your quilts and your beautiful, festive home. Your mom looks very comfy and content…such a blessing! Can’t wait to see the pine and red bandana garland on the porch…so my style of decorating! We also have three spoiled pups. The little daushaund we have who is 12 years old is a bit set in his ways and can be rather grumpy around strangers. The other two are everybody’s best friend as long as there are belly rubs, ear scratches, and treats! Gay


  8. Your holiday wall quilts are darling and your tree is exactly the size I want for this house, That swag sounds so cute, can’t wait to see the pics. After your telling us how well you liked Valley, we got it now that it’s available on our side of the mountain. And you were sure right – its sooooo much better than the other TWO we had!


    1. Forgot–I got that tree at a yard sale in North Ranch for $30!! That house was small as is this guest house. When we move over to the main house (soon) I could get a bigger tree but I don’t think I will–I like this one!


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