Post Thanksgiving

We enjoyed a quiet, easy Thanksgiving at Dan and Louanne’s with Mom, Janice and Linda. Dan’s turkey was delicious as always and all the sides were divine–especially the pumpkin pie! Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving Day was also enjoyable.

Linda and Mike sampling Dan’s homemade pimento cheese spread.
The bird.

Friday the Cowboy hung more drywall. On Saturday we carried into the house the last six sheets of drywall. By Sunday evening there are only two more to hang, and some of those are just pieces. Isn’t it amazing that we are almost finished? Our little construction crew of only two has made some fabulous progress on these two houses in just less than 24 months. This place was a dump, literally. The roofs leaked, the drywall was either falling from the ceiling due to water damage or was non existent. The houses were infested with critters, the well was dry–the list goes on and on. We bought this property in February of 2017 adding a garage and putting a new roof on the guest house portion of the property before we headed back to Montana in April of 2017. This is the two houses in early 2017.

Saturday I made and delivered dinner to Lucy and Milton. Milton’s father has moved in with them and I knew Lucy just might need a hand occasionally–so dinner delivery to the rescue. Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and cookies. Our Sunday lunch will consist of the same meal! And it was delicious!

Before this Covid business reared its ugly head I had planned to spend these next two weeks in Germany with our granddaughter and family–sad.

Mom is learning to knit–

Today we sold the bookcases we bought in Tucson a couple weeks ago–neither one of us liked them so off they went. It was one of those purchases we made when tired after a long day in Tucson not wanting to go look at any more furniture. A young woman drove over from Sierra Vista and we stuffed the 80″ tall bookcases into her mini van.

Life is good.

11 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving

  1. What a master crew you two are! You have divided and conquered .
    Wish you would have showed a after picture too.
    Must be so nice having Mom with you. Good memories.
    Now on to Christmas…. the time is fleeting!


  2. Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Knitting is very good for the brain. Good for your mother to learn.
    I am sure the houses will be amazing when you are finished. I will be good to see all the changes. I remember when you first started with them.


  3. After participating in our remodel here, I’m even more in awe of what you two have accomplished in your project. You are both so talented and hardworking!

    And I love that your mom is learning to knit. Just be sure to teach her how to stop when the scarf gets long enough. That’s what my problem was, not knowing how to finish a project, lol.


  4. I am sorry the trip to Germany had to be cancelled. Guess there’s a reason for everything but it’s still disappointing. Another chance will come along. 💗💙


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