It’s Looking Festive Around This House

Monday afternoon Mom and I took a drive to the Chiracahua National Monument. Very few people out and about on a Monday–always a good thing. We drove up to the lookout point, turned around and came home. Mom kept saying she never imagined Arizona had such scenery as what is found in the Monument. This photo was taken with my iPhone–I am always amazed when I see the photos one can produce with a phone camera.

Tuesday the Cowboy hung drywall, spread a little drywall mud and I worked on decorating the house for Christmas. We are looking festive. Wednesday I hung the outside lights around our front porch roof. I’m thinking we are decorated.

I’ve also been doing some cooking–nothing fancy yet, just Chex Mix for the Cowboy. I don’t make Chex Mix except during the holidays but I made the second batch today!! We did a little prep work on our contributions for Thanksgiving dinner and will finish up on Thursday morning.

Mom has an iPhone and struggles with using her laptop. So, I’ve been teaching her how to use the phone to access her email and other things. We had the best time, giggling over her lack of phone skills but she is getting much better.

Emmi has been getting her necessary walks and play sessions–she was not impressed that I used her bed as a resting spot for Christmas décor and just squeezed herself into the bed.

Short blog tonight, nothing much going on. We wish you all a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

14 thoughts on “It’s Looking Festive Around This House

  1. How nice that your mom gets to visit for a month. She must be easier to have around than mine…haha! I can just imagine the “fun” of working with the phone. We need to see some decoration photos!! I only make Chex Mix for the holidays, as well. I’ll make it for Christmas, for sure. Yum!


  2. True, the desert does have some beautiful scenery, I grew up on the Mojave Desert. Not as scenic as the Sonoran Desert, but my friends and I really enjoyed exploring there. So nice to see your Mom with you and the Cowboy!! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Happy Thanksgiving! You are so lucky to have this time with your mom…I can just imagine the giggles. I also always made Chex mix for the holidays ( it was the number one request )…a double batch for the six of us when the kids were growing up. I haven’t made it since we have been in the bus…maybe next year!


  4. I love all the natural beauty of the monument! Mom will be here to see the cranes too – hopefully it’s not too dry for them to arrive on time. The cooler temps have me ready for a bit of holiday decorating this week! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


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