The Same Ole Thing

Working on the house, keeping our clothes and the house clean. Nothing exciting. Monday I went to Tucson with Louanne–she was picking up her hearing aids at Costco. We did a little shopping and it was good to see that with the exception of one woman, everyone we saw in the stores was wearing masks. We ate lunch at our favorite taco spot–outside.

While I was in Tucson the Cowboy started the cabinet work. He keeps himself from getting bored by doing a little drywall work, a little cabinetry, a little outside work. On Monday he built the frame work for the small kitchen pantry.

Tuesday I applied polyurethane to the boards which form the inside structure of the pantry and had my hair cut. In the evening we joined Linda and Janice at Dan and Louanne’s for dinner. We had such a good time and the more we are around this small group, the better we feel. They are careful.

It’s been a touch warm the last few days–hot in fact! And the Cowboy put our evaporative cooler to bed for the winter! The heating and air conditioning guy is coming on Friday to do the final hookup of our mini split units–that will be good!

Do any of you use Blink security cameras? Indoors or outdoors?

And a few more of those gorgeous photos the family in Germany had made.



12 thoughts on “The Same Ole Thing

  1. We have Blink security cameras We have 3 exterior cameras. They were really easy to set up and install. The only issue we had is we wanted to install one out in our garden area away from the house and the WiFi signal was a little weak. The cameras have to be in WiFi range. We’ve had them about 4 months. Haven’t had to change the batteries yet. Right now we have them armed from 8pm-6am. We mostly wanted to catch video of the wildlife visit for our yard. (Lots of deer!). I’d definitely recommend them. Let me know if you have any other specific questions.


      1. No troubles at all. We tend to lose internet more often than power around here and they connect right back up.


  2. Your Cowboy stays very busy, and he seems to do quality work! And I’m realizing that a certain nurse stays busy with a lot of cool projects!
    I’m having hip surgery on December 3rd, and we hope to get down to Green Valley, maybe a month later. Well good luck with all your projects. Rawn & Joann Stone


  3. We use Blink cameras. They were fairly easy to install but figuring where the most efficient areas to install was a tough one. We have three. It’s easy to give them too much area to cover but that is at the expense of definition. One night we did view a stray cat following the pesky raccoon that eats dropped catfood nibbles. It looked like the cat was stalking, Since we were gone when the possible stalking occurred, we don’t know the outcome and there were no new views. But we have seen lots of deer, a few turkeys and the UPS guy. So I guess we are still secure.


  4. We have the Blink system at our lake house, we are moving there full time in the next few weeks. But when back at our current home it’s armed & works very well. You can turn off alerts when it’s windy or you are in residence. You can talk to folks that are at your front door, there is a little bit of a time lapse but has worked well for us. you can use the camera to view or take a pic for current time. The alerts are held in a file for a year I believe or as long as you don’t clear them from the apa. Very easy to set up as the app can be on both of your phones so either one of you can disarm or arm it. The power has gone off a few times & the internet has as well, it lets you know after 30 minutes. It has always come back up when power/internet has come back on. We have 3 cameras, bought thru Amazon, you may find a coupon to use if you look. Our son recommended it, he has used it for several years now.


    1. I’m thinking the Blink system is the one for us but we will have to wait until that Sync Module 2 is released. The outdoor Blink system I purchased at Costco went back to Costco Thursday. It requires the Sync Module 2 which isn’t going to be released until some time in 2021!


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