Veterans Day

I love this photo—Laci was returning from Iraq (her parents did not know she was back on US soil) and called to ask if I could somehow arrange for her parents to be at the Rib and Chop House in Livingston, MT.  It was tough—if I was going to feed Lonn and LoraLee I cooked—so they thought it strange we were asking them to go out to eat.  Laci was late (as usual) and we waited with Lonn and LoraLee who were wondering why in the world we wouldn’t let them order!  Laci walks into the restaurant and the expression on Lonn and LoraLee’s faces was priceless. The entire restaurant erupted in applause.

Laci is no longer in the military but is instead married to John, and they are stationed with the USAF in Germany for almost four long years–coming back to the US soon!

And here are our family’s other veterans–Nat (the Cowboy’s Dad on the left) who died two years ago at the age of 96. He served in World War II flying thirty three missions as a gunner on B29 aircraft over Japan. My Cowboy served in the US Army Reserves during the Vietnam war–gosh he was a handsome soldier!

We thank these members of our family and all the other veterans who’ve served this country of ours.

Whew–we’ve been working hard–as if that’s anything new! Monday we spent the entire day in Tucson looking at and buying furniture and appliances. We bought a stove and microwave/convection oven/vent hood from an 85 year old woman who said, “honey, I don’t cook.” She told me she used the oven only to make muffins or cornbread. She cooks in her electric fry pan. She kept a towel over the glass stove top all the time. The stove and microwave look brand new–score!

But the piece I am so excited about is this–a custom built TV cabinet–which we of course won’t use for a TV but will use for storage.

Obtaining this piece was a story in itself! This is just a short version of her story–“she moved from a 10,000 square foot house and 2500 square foot guest house when she divorced. She paid an interior designer $800,000 to decorate those two houses. She paid $85,000 for the dining table that was in her kitchen eating area.” And the story went on and on. The house in which she is now living is huge and absolutely stuffed with furniture–high end furniture. She is trying to sell much of it but her prices for used furniture are outrageous. Except this piece–for some reason she didn’t have an outrageous price tag on it??? It’s obviously custom made, well done and gorgeous. We like it!!

Tuesday I packaged all the meat we purchased at Costco on Monday–took me forever! Then I spent the afternoon outside rescuing our two apple trees. The wind storm we had on Saturday and Sunday coupled with too much irrigation caused our apple trees to fall over! I straightened and staked them plus cut way back on the amount of irrigation the trees will get. We will see if they survive this insult!

The Cowboy unloaded all the furniture and appliances we bought then busied himself finding a place for all of it. Today he hung some of the last drywall we have to hang and worked on the mini split heating and air conditioning unit.

Are you a fruit cake fan–I never was until I made fruitcake using the recipe a Facebook/blogging friend makes. It’s to die for! One of the secrets is marinating the dried fruit in brandy for a month or more. My fruit is now marinating.

And that’s it–lots of hard work but also lots of progress!

16 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. You two get the best deals on whatever your needing!
    I really like your cabinet…. it’s special. Sounds
    like your lives are still busy as ever.
    Your fruit cake sounds interesting, keep us


  2. What an awesome surprise for Laci’s parents. That piece of furniture you found is goreous!! What a lucky find. I LOVE fruit cake. My grandmother use to make the best fruit cake. She loaded it with fruit especially green and red cherries which are my favorite. More fruit than cake. Then she covered it with brandy and stored them. So, so good. I do miss it but not enough to take up making it…haha! I bet your will be wonderful. Too bad we aren’t coming to Tucson this winter so I could sneak over for a sample.


  3. Reading backwards…fruitcake, I think I don’t like it but once in awhile I have tasted some that was really good. Wish I lived close enough to try out yours!…Costco repackaging…LOL for us it is the fish. Best cod anywhere if you don’t live on the coast. Furniture…what a perfect piece for you southwest home! And it seems that some people just have entirely too much money. Working hard?? what’s new LOL. and finally, your tributes to the veterans in your life were very moving, like you, I loved that first photo and the story that went with it.


    1. I disliked fruit cake until I made and ate this one–I too wish you were close enough to try it. I wish my husband was a fish eater! I buy salmon and package it for me and feed him a hamburger!😁We love our new piece of furniture!


  4. You sure are great shoppers! Love the custom built cabinet!

    Thanks to all you veterans…we have a few in our family as well. I don’t think most men/women in the service get their due share of “thank you” from folks anymore. Gay


    1. I think any veteran deserves accolades! Nat (Michael’s father) always said he wasn’t proud of anything he did in WW II. I told him–“well I’m proud of you. You were only 21 years old, away from home for the first time in your life and flying around on airplanes, not knowing if you would survive every single day!”


  5. My mom is from England and use to make fruitcake when I was growing up. She would make the fruit cake in January & wrap it up & store the cake in a cool area. Then mom would marinate the cake once a month with some brandy…very good. Love the cabinet!


  6. Love your stories and photos of the veterans in your lives. The cabinet you found is so beautiful and unique—and seems like it will be perfect with your decor. The only fruitcake I ever had was so heavy it could have been used as a doorstop, LOL. There are lots of those around that give fruitcake a bad name. But I’m sure yours will be delicious!


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