We Can See The Progress

We’ve gone through so many bags of grout in this house. Both the guest house and main house have all tile floors–no carpet. The Cowboy is bearing the burnt of the grouting business. My knee is better and I am cautiously optimistic the rooster comb injections worked but I’m also not interested in crawling around on my hands and knees to grout.

What seems like years ago we installed that huge beam in the living room–I stained it on Friday and just about managed to take a bath in that drippy, stinky stain stuff! Ruined a shirt and a pair of shorts–I knew I should have changed clothes before starting but I was lazy!

The sunrise on Saturday morning before the storm. Our weather is changing, Saturday the wind howled and in the evening it rained a bit. Sunday was a cooler day and windy again. Saturday evening Dan and Louanne along with Janice and Linda joined us for dinner. It was so good to see friends once again. Careful friends–I’m thinking this little group may be our “circle” for the winter season. Their views on Covid and what we should and shouldn’t do are in line with our views. And Linda was so funny, when everyone came to the table Linda said, “and thank God the good cooks are back!”

When everyone arrived Saturday evening they were amazed at the changes we’ve made in our dining/living room area. The floor is finished, there is furniture–the new loveseat we bought this week and the patio type furniture from the “porch” area. That porch area is going to be the Cowboy’s cabinet shop as he can close the door and keep the dust contained–so all the furniture had to find a new home.

Sunday morning the Cowboy winterized our motorhome–our low temps Monday night could be in the 20’s. He didn’t add the pink antifreeze, he just used the compressor to blow out the plumbing.

After breaking the seal on one of my knitting needles where the needle joined the cable, I treated myself and purchased a set of ChiaoGoo knitting needles. Oh, my! What a difference surgical stainless steel needles and memory free cables make!! Like night and day from my other needles made of wood.

And I finished a pumpkin–the knitting part has been finished for a while but today I stuffed and shaped it. I like this one!

A while back I purchased a book for the Cowboy–Five Presidents by Clint Hill. Mr. Hill was a special agent in the United States Secret Service under five presidents–Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. Three republicans and two democrats. In the opening paragraphs of the book Mr. Hill briefly mentions the challenges faced by each of these presidents–the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassinations of Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, the civil rights movement, riots and burning of major US cities, the Vietnam War, etc. The author then states, “in less than two decades America went from being unquestionably the most respected and admired nation in the world to a country whose image had become tarnished by violence, scandal and deceit.” This book was published in 2016, four years ago but there is something very familiar about that statement referencing events that took place in our country over 40 years ago.



13 thoughts on “We Can See The Progress

  1. I think the last time I was in that room I was helping Mike one morning clean up a bunch of renovation debris and as I recall I think we made a dump run later in his pick-up truck. Things are looking great there:)).


  2. I can relate. Crawling around on the knees defeats the purpose of the injections. Those knees will feel better once the injections distribute within, but not after crawling around on them. May your injections last months and months. s/Terry Apple


  3. It’s just so satisfying to watch the steady progress you are making on your home The rain last night/ early morning was wild so I hope all the grout bags are under cover. Stay dry and off the knees.

    Keep on keeping on!


  4. So glad your knees are feeling better. Sure hope they continue to get even better as the solutions works it way into the cavities. It’s always a good reason to stay off your knees and not do any grouting!! That little pumpkin is absolutely darling. Great job! Isn’t that statement so fitting for today. I had to reread your paragraph a second time. I thought for sure it was a reference to our situation today.


  5. I remind myself that we’ve had challenging times in our country before, but the divide seems so much more drastic and frightening now. Here’s hoping we can somehow come together. On a happier note, your new tile floor looks great! As does your new loveseat (BTW, very impressed that Mike found that). Glad to know your knees are feeling better, but definitely a good idea to not be grouting floors! Ouch.


    1. I hope the same thing Laurel. My deceased FIL, a devoted Republican, said politics were always contentious and what we were experiencing the last few years was no different than any other years. I am going to write things down as they happen and see in four years how I feel about Nat’s assessment!

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  6. Gorgeous desert skies!! Of course the Cowboy needs a cabinet making room :-)) Fun to see furniture in front of those windows with the great views- can’t believe that’s the same room. Our inability to learn from our own past forces us to relive our own worst selves. Alas I am relieved we have an opportunity to heal, and hopefully learn.


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